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My name is Steve, I joined TFC in early 2013. My first experience with the paranormal came in the form of visions as a child, with the precognitive dream of my Grandfathers passing the night and time of his death.

My gifts of sensing and understanding the paranormal come naturally from my Native American ancestry. All my life I have worked with solid rock, such as granite, which led me to become a monument setter and because of that I spent years working in cemeteries.

I had so many paranormal experiences there that I lost count, from the laughing and playing of children when there was none around to seeing shadows moving around after dark. I decided with my understanding and study of the paranormal that I have spent my life dedicated to use what I have acquired to help others.

I joined TFC to help as a tech specialist because of the technical skills that I possess and contribute in their quest to show scientific proof of the afterlife as well as to help those that have nowhere else to turn in their daily struggles with the paranormal.