A Welcome Note From TFC Founder

Welcome to freakuency.org which is the cyberspace home of The Final Crossing Paranormal Research Team, better known by our acronym (TFC). We are the original paranormal research team based primarily in the Bryan/College Station area of Texas. Not only does TFC do paranormal research but we frequently do historical expeditions just for the sake of learning not only of paranormal occurrences but also the history of various locations. We find this equally as interesting as ghost hunting. You will find summaries of some of our historical expeditions intermingled with our paranormal investigations under “The Xterra Files” on our site.

Now due to founder’s work schedule, TFC is also operating out of Paige, TX. To quote bastroptexas.net, Paige is on U.S. Highway 290 forty-four miles east of Austin in northeast Bastrop County. The Old San Antonio Road, now State Highway 21, borders the north side. Paige was established at the site of a railroad water tower on the newly built Houston and Texas Central Railway in 1872 and named for Norman Paige, a civil engineer of German descent, who had laid out the route of the railway.

For those of you who don’t know exactly where Bryan/College Station is, it is about halfway between Houston and Dallas, about 90-100 miles from Austin, and is in what is affectionately coined by Texas A&m diehards as “Aggieland.” Bryan and College Station (B/CS) are sister cities located side by side with College Station being the home of Texas A&M University, the Fightin’ Texas Aggies, and the George Bush Presidential Library.

The story is that John Bell, whom the town of Bellville, TX. was named after, and Harvey Mitchell, an enterpreneur who was also a resident of Bryan, TX. got into a debate over where the future Texas A&M was to be located. John Bell wanted the college to be located in the present day Bellville area and Harvey Mitchell’s wishes were that the college would be located along the railroad tracks in or close to Bryan, TX. The two reportedly chose to settle the dispute with the winner of a poker match getting the privilege of choosing the location. Harvey Mitchell being an accomplished poker player won the match and the rest is history.

Texas A&M was incorporated as a college in 1876 and College Station got it’s name after the train station that served Texas A&M Universtity. Train conductors would call out “College Station!” to alert passengers to get off at the college as the train neared Texas A&M. The rest you see is history with a whole metropolis born out of the prophetic utterances of these train conductors long ago.

To summarize, whatever you choose to call Bryan/College Station, whether it be B/CS, the Brazos Valley, Aggieland, or whatever else, it is TFC Paranormal’s birthplace and primary base of operation. TFC also continues to travel out of the area to other states including: Louisiana, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and even Mexico on a couple of occasions. Wherever the haunt is, we will try to go.

Concerning our members, for the most part we have been unofficially doing paranormal research most of our lives. However, our three original members formed our team in October of 2004. The original three members, all Texas A&M graduates, met in a mental health clinic where we were all working at the time and the rest have found us over the internet and joined. Since our inception we had had a lot of fun and a lot of adventure. We have also had many “eye-opening” experiences to put it mildly.

Our website, as you have noticed, is called “Freakuency.” This name was coined by Reade, our Technical Manager. The name he donned to describe those “freaky, ” otherworldly, or anomalous occurrences (voices/EVP’s, apparitions, etc.) defying explanation and continually occurring around us, ones that we occasionally capture and happen to be fortunate enough to be on the same frequency with.

Freakuencies are like the radio waves all around us everywhere we go, waves that we would never know existed unless we were fortunate enough to have the correct receiver equipment to pick them up and to merely be there at the right time to simply listen and observe. Accordingly we spend our time trying to tune into to and align ourselves with these frequencies from beyond or “Phantom Freakuencies.” Phantom Freakuencies are quite simply the frequencies of those who have passed on from this life or the residual remains of long ago events that seem to have left impressions here on this earth.

As I read in one essay, a researcher was saying that these occurrences, voices, etc. are going on all around us all the time yet we have trained ourselves to overlook them and to not believe they are there. In this information age of so many sophisticated electronic devices, this is all the more believable. With this in mind, we strive to cut out all of the worldly static in order to tune in to the otherworldly. And as you will see on our EVP and video page, we are occasionally successful.