Bragg Road, Kountze, TX.

Picture of the Bragg Road sign in Hardin County close to Kountze, TX. TFC went there on 10-16-09 to try and observe the mysterious ghost light occurring there. To quote Wikipedia, “The strange light is often described as changing from yellow to white, and sometimes appearing red as it may approach the observer. Some witnesses have observed that the light will sway back-and-forth, as if someone were carrying a lantern and walking. Another common attribute given to the strange light is its unpredictable nature. Some eyewitnesses have attempted to follow or approach the light with no success. However, there are some that claim that the light has actually followed or entered their vehicle while traveling the dirt road at night.” There are many theories for the light that range from swamp gas to the lonely spirit of a decapitated railroad worker wandering in limbo searching for his head. The road is near the ghost town of Bragg Station and runs the exact path of the railroad that was once there.

Investigation Results: It is a very creepy road but had much human activity that increased as the night progressed. Due to the straightness of the road coupled with the activity, we were able to debunk what we did see. We did not see the strange dancing lights that you see posted on youtube. Nonetheless, it was fascinating and we plan to return.