Case Manager

I have always been one to embrace “the possible.” Though at times I use a skeptical outlook on things, I tend to look at all possibilities and not just what’s right in front of me. Growing up with two older brothers, I was subject to spooks and scares by them; slowly becoming callused to the whole thing.

Moving into a haunted house at the age of seven, I’ve always expressed an interest in the paranormal after my brothers scared me numb– I started to actually pursue my fears rather than run from them. With my interests growing and my curiosity peaking, I started to study unorthodox subjects dealing with paranormal. It was then I discovered my sensitivity. Moving away from my haunted home; my mind always wandered .I’ve wanted to get closer to the spirits; to know them and speak with them.

I joined TFC with a thirst for adventure and thrills. In my time with the group, I’ve grown close to my crewmates, more of a second family. I’ve learned many things about myself and my past. Things I may have never learned had I not joined. I’ve learned I’m capable of great things and I look forward to improving my own ability while helping to further the science that is paranormal research.

I live a simple life with the woman I love and working for the state. I live day-to-day and have an outlet to sate my lust for adventure and a means to discover more about myself and my talents. I’ve met many wonderful and interesting people in my time with TFC, and now that out hiatus is over, I look forward to broadening my horizons and learning even more.