Cache, OK.

On May 26th-May 28th 2007, TFC ventured to and stayed in Lawton and Cache, OK to investigate an old ghost town site. On the grounds where we were are the remains of an old amusement park that reportedly operated from 1958-1972. Said to have performed there in its heyday were legendary acts such as Brenda Lee and Reba McIntyre. This old park is spooky enough in itself but it is only enhanced by what lies just next to it. The gentleman who owns the location has created a ghost town of sorts right there in Cache, OK. On the grounds he has bought and placed an old Buffalo Soldiers barracks, an old ranger station, a Native American school, general store, church, and to enhance things, the actual home of the legendary Frank James, and Star House, which is the former home of the last great Comanche chief, Quanah Parker. The house was occupied by Quanah, his three wives, and many children, until Quanah passed away in 1911. The actual bed he died in is still housed within the Star House. The elderly gentleman who owns the location has had much misfortune with his venture there but was kind enough to grant us a tour of the site. We were informed of and sadly encountered signs of vandalism there along with graffiti of an anti-Native American nature. Although appalled at the ignorance that we saw, we had a great time. Sadly our stay there was cut short due to factors beyond our control. However, we had a great time there and we want to return.

Investigation Results: Shadow figures seen, EVP’s collected, a door inexplicably moved, a loud breath was heard in an upper story room after a verbal prompt, and cold spots observed. Pictured in order are: Star House, church interior, church pulpit, bed in Quanah Parker house, another bed, children’s beds, Quanah’s wheelchair, and the very last photo is VERY curious in that it was captured by Christine as she turned and attempted to snap a picture of Brenda Twofeathers (a psychic medium) and Jordan as they were holding hands and Brenda was doing an “energy transfer” between she and Jordan in order to enhance his psychic abilities. It is very interesting that she captured this when she was snapping a picture of the two of them but…. you decide for yourselves (contact us for the 1600 by 1200 original).