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Hello and Welcome to the official website of TFC Paranormal Research Team,,

I am Casey, Lead Investigator and founder of TFC Paranormal. By day I am a licensed counselor (LPC) and psychiatric diagnostician. I also have my own counseling practice right here in Bryan/College Station, TX. My usual TFC duty, in that I am a counselor/therapist by trade and make my living drawing people out verbally, is acting as a sort of paranormal spokesperson or liaison and attempting to collect electronic voice phenomenon or (EVP’s) on audio devices. This is done by walking around asking questions that we may not hear responses to at the time but rather later as we are reviewing the audio. I am also the “Webmistress” for our website amongst many other roles.

In terms of my personal life, I am a lifelong rebel and iconoclast. My passions are collecting and showing cars, researching the paranormal, hunting and collecting artifacts, and being a rabid fan of the rock group Blondie. You may read several of my stories and learn more about me on this website in the “Our Stories” section under Casey.

I have long had an interest in the paranormal which began in 1972 when my family moved from Irving, TX. into a beautiful victorian home in the small, historic, and always bizarre town of Calvert, TX. Calvert is known for a lot of things, a lot of them definitely not sane. For those of you who are too young to remember or choose not to remember, Calvert was quite famous back in the 1970’s due to a real flurry in UFO activity and other bizarreness that made national headlines. You will find one of the more famous stories on UFO activity within the “Media Stories” section on the website. The “jury is still out” with me as to exactly what went on during that time period, but it was definitely weird and left quite an impression on a youngster growing up there.

My childhood home that we lived in there in Calvert, built in 1872, had also been a funeral home for many years before we moved in. I went on to live there for 16 of my most formative years. The experiences that myself, my family, and my friends had while growing up there have been instrumental not only in cultivating my interest in the paranormal but in all that I am today.

Although I have unofficially researched the paranormal all of my life and the whole time been labeled a freak, it was not until 2004 that I had the fortune of meeting up with bright, intuitive, and like-minded individuals with whom I could share my life-long interest. And so… is TFC.

Also pictured with me is “Ace Version 2.0,” our 2011 Nissan Xterra which serves as our official TFC vehicle. Very sadly, Our original Xterra Ace was destroyed in the 9-4-11 Bastrop wildfire but remains immortalized all over the website, in our videos, on our shirts, and in our flash introduction to the website.

Anyway, I will close by saying thanks for tuning in to the “Freakuency.”