Cocoamoda, Calvert, TX.


Pictures of the front facade of Cocoamoda chocolate factory that sits on main street in Calvert, TX plus a curious pic we later found upon insepection of pics taken while there. To quote their website, “Cocoamoda is a Texas-based gourmet chocolate business operating out of the historic town of Calvert, TX. Our mission is to produce the highest quality truffles and confections utilizing the finest grade of chocolate and freshest ingredients. We have two facilities on Calvert’s main strip: A factory, where our chocolates are made fresh daily, and a restaurant and boutique, directly across the street.” TFC has now investigated the factory several times.

Investigation Results: TFC was called in due to lots of creepy occurrences and while there we were able to document a few. A few times TFC members were positioned near doors, inside and out, and heard very deliberate knocking which was very loud. This knocking was so loud that it appeared someone was wanting in. Each time the door was flung open only to find no one there. This was especially creepy when it was the back door leading to the back alley. Each time it happened no one was there and there was nowhere out there for any living person to hide. Update from March 2011, see the second pic showing a door that seems to have a transparent figure peering in. This was in an area where a shadowy figure has been seen several times.