Dogtown Ghost Town Site, Cape Ann (between Gloucester and Rockport), MA .


The story of Dogtown in Massachusetts is that it was populated by many odd people and settled in 1623. To this day there are biking and hiking trails that go by large granite boulders that have carvings and words on them. These boulders are said to have been carved by a Roger Babson. The story goes that most of the men were lost at sea and the women all had dogs for company and to protect themselves from sea raiders. It is also said that there were more dogs in the town than people. The first mill was built in 1635 and began production. The town lasted till 1750 at which point decline started. This was reportedly due to families pursuing farming as opposed to fishing and it is said that some houses in the area of the town were occupied well into the 1930’s. There were said to have been many colorful residents in Dogtown including witches and a matador that would fight the cows and bulls.

Investigation Results: On our October, 2002 visit, these rocks as well as town block markers could still be viewed along the trails. We experienced nothing paranormal there but it sure made for a fascinating visit.