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My name is Edwardo and I have been interested in the paranormal ever since a young age. I am third generation Mexican-American. I’ve grown up hearing
stories from grandparents and other relatives about “things” that happened that could not be explained, stories of “espiritos” visiting, delivering messages. etc.

I began working in the mental health field with Casey, our founder, back in 2006 and again briefly in 2016. Over the years we have remained very
close friends. After I went out on my first investigation with TFC I was hooked in more ways than one. I also ended up marrying Casey in 2017.

My current day job is Spanish Teacher at Smithville High School in Smithville,TX. I have been teaching for many years and my list of past jobs, skill sets
include: Licensed cosmetologist, retail sales, mental health casework and on callwork, ER patient advocate, as well as many years in the ministry.

I now live a quiet life with Casey and I spend time with my 3 sons here and there, doing yardwork, traveling, doing some custom woodwork, taking care of our “fleet
“ of custom cars, riding my motorcycle, and of course researching the paranormal.