Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Note: As you listen to and watch these sound and video clips, remember our credo which states that we are not trying to convince any of you that there are ghosts. These sound bytes are merely here because we found them to be odd in that we were there and knew the circumstances at the time they were recorded. Listen to and watch them in the way we are presenting them which is OBJECTIVELY. We record many things but debunk 80-90% and very few clips actually make the cut. Concerning our view of paranormal activity, we have seen many bizarre things but the jury is still out. We continue to engage in scientific research that we hope one day will yield proof positive of our passion.

Orviss Vault EVP (November, 2004) “The Children Left.”

Child’s voice caught on tape at a desecrated (1880’s) burial vault in the woods in response to Casey’s saying, “I’m speaking to the spirits who are here. I’m speaking to the spirits of the children whose graves were desecrated here.”

EVP (October, 2004) “Hello”

Caught in direct response to Casey’s asking, “What is your name? What is your name?”

Orviss Vault EVP (February, 2005) “GoAway” and then “No”

Conversation occurred between team members (Michele and Casey) out at the Orviss burial vault in which 2 different spirits seem to be communicating in the midst of the conversation. You hear a “Go away” first immediately after Casey says, “She’s trying to get access to it.”. Roseanne then comments that she thought she heard either “No way” or “Go away.” Then Trish announces aloud “Red!” which means she is getting a high spike on the EMF meter and then says, “Do you want us to go away?’ and there then appears to be a “No” in response. Team members’ perceptions were noted at the time and when played back what they had stated that they heard at the time was indeed on the tape.

Orviss Vault EVP (January 2005) “Redbird”

A fluttering redbird startles the team and Casey says, “That was a redbird guys, a beautiful redbird!” Despite sound distortion and clarity issues on this clip, a voice appears to repeat the word “redbird”.

Hammond House EVP (July 2005) “Go Ahead?”

Recorded on 7-2-05 at Hammond House as Casey and a couple of members placed a digital recorder on a bed and then walked to the other end of the house while talking. The clip is cleaned up for a couple of expletives yet seems to yield some kind of strange voice response as the team is at the other end of the upstairs floor. We are not sure exactly what this says but you will notice some whine or feedback that starts and continues after the sound is uttered. We are still unsure of this but are presenting it because of our known location away from the recorder as the voice was uttered and recorded. What do you think it says?? You may email us with your comments.

Orviss EVP (2005) “Dead”

Clip recorded on cassette in early 2005 at the Orviss vault as I (Casey) was once again in the vicinity where the famous “Children Left” EVP was recorded and was asking questions. I am not prone to being clairaudient (able to hear voices/EVP’s as they are recorded). Only rarely do I hear things at the time they occur. This day I distinctly heard a whisper in my right ear that seemed to say, “Dead.” This was in response to, “ Are you the children whose graves were desecrated here?” I was aghast and commented to my team what I thought I had heard. I then later commented to them that I hoped it caught on audio and apparently it did. I was very surprised.

Unnamed Cemetery EVP (April 2007) “Listen”

Recorded on 4-21-2007 at a very rural cemetery and ghost town location (name withheld upon owner request). The team was walking at the rear of the cemetery and all seemed to get bad feelings at the same time around one particular grave stone. You will notice what appears to be a response that seems to say “Listen” as Casey attempts to communicate.

Cache, OK EVP (May 2007) Loud Breath in Quanah Parker Home

Also recorded on 5-26-07 in the home of Quanah Parker in Cache, OK. We all found this odd but not actually an EVP. We (Reade, Casey, Jim, and Angel) were all in an upper story room in Quanah Parker’s home in the vicinity of the previous EVP and all (even Reade, the skeptic) heard what sounded to all of us like a loud breath. At the time, it startled all of us. You may disagree with us and even wonder why we are presenting it. All we are saying is that we all found it odd. You decide.

Falls Hotel EVP (October 2007) “Hello”

On the evening of October 13th 2007, the group was investigating the Falls Hotel in Marlin, Texas. The entire group had just returned from the roof and all but 2 members were gone at the time. Two mwmbers were in the grand ballroom of the hotel talking about how the ballroom reminded them of a skating rink. After one member utters the following phrase twice, “Couples Skate Only,” a ghostly voice can be heard saying what sounds like “Hello.”

Orviss Vault EVP (September 2007) “Laugh”

September 9th, 2007, TFC members were investigating the Orviss Vault. On this clip, what can only be described as maniacal laughing can be heard in the background as TFC members comment about a flash of light they had both just witnessed.

Cemetery EVP (Name withheld at caretaker's request) (September 2007) "Let's Go??"

In September of 2007, TFC members were at a nighttime cemetery investigation and were standing by the truck. It was a pitch black night and very forboding. As they stood by the truck contemplating things, there were a sequence of several sounds which a couple of members pick up on and mistakenly think the other has made. They then question each other saying, “I thought that was you.” Around this same time, there is a dark shadow spotted. What we can decipher is what sounds like a dog panting (no dog was present) and then a series of what we can best describe as whines that sound like a little kid (no kid was present). The whole sequence is bizarre and no one has been able to figure this one out. What do you think?

Unnamed “Bufffalo Soldier” Cemetery (January 2008) “Help Me”

On 1-5-08 members caught this on audio in the background as they conversed and recorded at an old cemetery where there are many graves of long-dead “Buffalo Soldiers.” These graves are marked by “Colored Infantry” inscriptions. The term “Buffalo Soldiers” was a nickname given to members of African American Cavalry regiments of the U.S. Army who served in the western United States from 1867 to 1896, mainly fighting Indians on the frontier. The nickname was given by the Indians but its significance is uncertain.

Unnamed “Buffalo Soldier” Cemetery (January 2008) “Would You Get Out?”

Also caught on audio on 1-5-08 at the same cemetery as members conversed.

Orviss Vault (December 2007) “??”

Unclear response caught on audio on 12-8-07 as members talk out at the Orviss Vault and which can be heard right after Casey says, “How old are you?” This “response” is not clear but is included because only Roseanne stated that she heard a response at the time yet did not know what it said. It was inaudible at the time to the 3 other members and heard later after the audio was played back. This we found odd. Technically it is not clear enough to be included but is included merely b/c of the oddity of the situation.

Jefferson Hotel (June 2008) “No one” or “Go on” (unsure)

Voice caught out at the Jefferson Hotel on 6-20-08. As 4 members of TFC were setting up the DVR that Friday night in preparation to go out and investigate a cemetery, a conversation was going on about whether or not it was already recording or not. As Casey is examining the DVR, Angel comments that she heard a whisper that no one else seemed to hear. The voice recorder that was running caught a voice that seems to repeat the above phrase twice.

Falls Hotel (August 2008) “????” (bizarre sound)

Very bizarre sound that occurred while 2 of our members were exploring inside an underground tunnel. The whole time the members were in the tunnel there was lots of activity and whispers and what sounded like background conversation ocurring on the audio. This strange sound was included because of its clarity and inexplicable nature.

Singleton Burial Plot (July 2009) “How Long?” "Hello?"

Recorded at a burial plot behind the Orviss vault which we call “Singleton Plot.” This is after the man who is buried there. We have had our compass reverse polarity there, all members have seen shadow figures over in the area, weird lights, and the list goes on. On this night in July of 2009, seven members stood in the area and experienced all of the aforementioned. John, who was standing slightly apart from the rest of the TFC members, was then startled as he heard something directly uttered into his ear. We then asked for clarification and recorded this bizarre response. (audio is looped 5 times)

Singleton Burial Plot (March 2013) “No."

Another EVP recorded at “Singleton Plot” behind the Orviss Vault. On this night in March of 2013, three TFC members stood in the area and experienced through Steve’s spirit box a clear “No.” This occurred when Casey attempted to elicit a response and states to the Confederate soldier buried there, “Mr. Singleton, it’s not kindly for a Southern gentleman to ignore a lady.”

Calvert, TX. Business (April 2013) “??"

Recorded at a Calvert, TX. business on 4-13-13. This is a bizarre and undiscernible phrase whispered as Casey was walking around asking questions at a well known historic location that is known to have paranormal activity. You hear it right before she asks “Is anyone here?” Please feel free to email us with suggestions of what you hear it saying.

Hearne, TX. German House (December 2013) “My/Mein Fuhrer??."

Recorded at a house on FM 485 in Hearne where a family was living and having all manner of activity. This house was basically verfified to be close to and most probably part of some extension of Camp Hearne POW camp. There had been a German man living there in years past who was thought to have been possible ties to Nazi Germany. We don’t know what exactly this EVP says but it came through on our Echo Vox device after a member made a German statement. Seems to possibly say “My/Mein Fuhrer.”

Hearne, TX. German House (December 2013) “Another German word....??"

Another word/utterance recorded at the Hearne house FM 485 in Hearne. We don’t know what exactly this EVP says but it came through on our Echo Vox device after a member made another German statement. “??.”

Hearne, TX. Hearne Junior High (December and January 2015/2016) “There's not two."

Recorded at the old Hearne High/Junior High location on Wheelock St. in Hearne, TX. This was recorded as the crew was scanning frequencies on the Echo Vox and it appears to be an intelligent response to a comment made by a member. She states “There are 3 voices” but then a female voice seems to answer and seemingly correct her and to say “There are 2.”