Insite Group Printing Building, Bryan, TX.

The Insite Group

This building is located at 123 E. William Joel Bryan Parkway in Bryan, TX. It is the central location for the Insite Group’s printing presses. The upstairs which we were directed to was absolutely frozen in time. We were told that it had been an old boarding house and also thought to be a brothel. There is a wide open area in the middle with all manner of numbered rooms around the perimeter. The rooms are pretty much untouched by time with the middle area used for storage. Employees had reported seeing dark figures up there as well as one employee having seen a full body apparition of a fat man. There was also a report of someone hearing a voice state, “Get out of my closet.” Pictured above you will see pictures of the building past and present along with some photos taken of the area upstairs that we investigated.

Investigation Results: On 11-6-10, TFC went to investigate and our DVR was left running overnight. While there and over in one particularly active area, 2 TFC members’ 2 way radios went off with distressed whimpering and crying voices coming over them that sounded like children’s voices. One was a baby crying. Each time this was in response to requests for anyone there to give us an audible sign of their presence.