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I have always believed that there is a whole scientific field of study out there that for the most part that no one will touch because of the stigma attached to it, but wholly needing to be researched. I look at this field as investigating “Unexplained Occurrences” and not ghost hunting because no one knows what causes certain odd things to happen and they commonly blame it on ghosts when it could be something as simple as an animal in the attic making noise. When I do find something out of the norm I investigate and document the facts. Then after recording data that is found to be undisputable, I try to find out what is the cause of this recorded fact.

At the Orviss location in Calvert, Texas, I found that there is a noticeable/recordable temperature change from one side of an old iron fence to the other side. This is documented and undisputed but what causes this change has not been discovered. Just because there is a temperature difference does not mean a ghost is causing it. This is how I approach the field of “Ghost Hunting”.

I was in the army (1st Inf Div -The Big Red One) and I am a veteran of the Desert Shield/Storm conflict. After leaving military service I continued working for government entities and worked in Houston, Harris County, Texas in law enforcement. I also worked for a couple of years for the small town of Lexington, Texas as a cop before leaving law enforcement and working in the oilfield service business.

As a cop, I had the authority to enter property whenever I had probable cause to do so. So this opened up to me any place or structure within my area of responsibility to investigation. When someone said a place was haunted I would assume what they saw was actually just someone trespassing and I would then search for the trespassers. Every place that I was told was haunted I checked out and in only one place out of dozens did I find something unexplained. So from this and other experiences in my life I am very skeptical of things like E.V.P.’s, orbs, and/or shadow people.

But, I am a Christian and the Bible mentions a host of “supernatural” things, so I have to believe that some paranormal things that people report are true. I just have the belief that not everything that is seen and unexplained is a paranormal event. So what we must all do is keep our minds open and stick to only the facts and to not depend on fairy tales and urban legends as our base of fact.