Monument Hill State Park/Kreische Brewery, La Grange, TX.

Texas’ First Brewery

Kreische Family and Brewery History

Monument Hill State Park

To quote the Texas Parks and Wildlife site, “Visit the monument dedicated to the 1842 Dawson and Mier Expeditions, famous for the legendary “black bean” incident in Texas history; Mexican President Santa Anna decreed that captives draw one of the 17 black beans from a pot that also contained 159 white beans. Those drawing black beans were executed. The monument is a tomb for Republic of Texas patriots, a place recognizing fallen heroes. A beautiful view from the bluff overlooking the winding Colorado River is one of the many stops on a nature trail that connects the monument and brewery historic sites. Heinrich Kreische, a master stonemason, immigrated to Texas in 1846 and purchased this property overlooking the Colorado River near La Grange. During the 1860s, Kreische changed his occupation to that of a brewer and started one of the first commercial breweries in Texas.” TFC went to see the Kreische brewery remains and home. The Kreische home is impeccably intact built on a hillside with a ground level entance on ome side and apearing as a two story structure on the other.

Investigation Results: On 12-10-10 TFC visited this location. This was more of an expedition for the sake of history rather than an investigation. However, the vibes and history are omnipresent. Check out this gem of Texas history hidden in La Grange, TX.