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Updates 7-8-2018

Hey folks, I know it's been a long time. We have all been working our day jobs but we would love to get up and running again. Don't lose faith in us. We are all talking about a reunion real soon!!

Updates 2-15-2016

Check us out at The Clara Mounce Public Library in Bryan, TX. on Saturday, 2-20-16 from 2 to 4pm for a lecture and presentation of our evidence.

You might also want to watch the video of the bittersweet farewell to the old junior high/high school in Hearne here. We had the pleasure of investigating this historic landmark in December of 2015 and again in January of 2016. It will be missed.


Updates 1-8-2016

TFC will be returning to the old Hearne High School/Junior High tomorrow, 1-9-16. TFC ventured there on 12-19-15 and had a couple of bizarre occurrences. This building, although full of history and youthful memories for so many, is scheduled to be torn down in early 2016. Check out pictures and sound clips on our Investigations/Xterra Files and EVP pages as well as TFC's Facebook page.


Updates 11-6-2015

TFC has added some compelling new pics on the Gallery page. There you will also find a total of 18 pages scanned in courtesy of John Causey from an obscure book he ran across detailing the Orviss family and some really interesting information about D.A Orviss. We thought it fitting to include this information not only due to the Orviss Vault being our favorite "haunts" but also due to the many requests we get for more information on the Orviss family. You will also find on the The Xterra Files/Investigations page some new pics of Mount Vernon Cemetery and the creepy road adjacent to it.


Updates 10-28-2015

Check out interviews with TFC's John Causey and Casey Unger here as well as on TFC's Facebook page. John and Casey were invited to do an interview by Kathleen Witte of KBTX TV Channel 3 and the segment is set to air on the October 29th 10pm newscast. TFC was asked to talk about 4 local "haunts" that people might want to visit around Halloween for an adrenaline rush. Be sure to check us out!!!


Updates 11-4-2014

Check out our Halloween news story in The Battalion here as well as on our links page on this site.


Also, we got some pretty interesting EVP's from our investigation in Hearne, TX. on 10-19-14 which we will be posting soon. Our research continues on this house so stay tuned to the "Freakuency" for more.


Updates 10-17-2014

Happy 10th Birthday TFC!! It's been a decade ago today since Casey purchased a suitcase of ghosthunting equipment on Ebay and TFC was born!!


TFC will also be investigating a house in Hearne, TX this coming Saturday, 10-18-14, We will keep you posted and will post the results confidentially due to this being a private residence.


Updates 5-10-2014

Well we did it!! TFC's Brazos Valley This Morning Face Your Fears segment went off well on 5-7-14.


The video segment from BVTM on 5-7-14 is posted here as well as to our links page on this site.


Also, check out our group pic below in order of left to right: Brandon Placker, Kristen Guilfoos, Casey Unger, and Ed Elizardo.



Updates 4-27-2014

Thanks so much to Kristen Guilfoos and her crew from KBTX. We had a great shoot out at the Orviss Vault on Calvert on Saturday, 4/26 for a segment called "Face Yours Fears." Kristen successfully faced her fear of ghosts along with TFC's help. This episode is set to air on 5/7/14. Stay tuned for more!!


Updates 12-21-2013

Okay people, here's a long needed and awaited update. TFC has basically been sleeping for a while. This continues to be due to distance from each other coupled with everyone's work schedules, health, finances, and the list goes on. We are still together. Just given all of the aforementioned, investigating has been put on the backburner. While Casey and a friend did go to New Orleans for Halloween, there was really no investigating going on this time.


We have only been out about one time and this was to a cemetery in Bastrop County on 10-5-13. Myself, Casey, and John Causey were there along with several of my co-workers from the mental health center. This night was VERY eventful. You may view a pictute posted to our TFC Paranormal Facebook page here.



The story behind this pic is as follows.....Casey and the team were out at the cemetery in Bastrop County on the night of 10-5-13. This cemetery will remain nameless due to reasons of privacy. As we stood talking together, Casey suddenly jumped and turned to the right as she had felt someone breathing in her right ear. When she turned and exclaimed to confront what she thought was one of the crew there there was no one there. John Causey had also glanced towards Casey and saw a figure beside her just as this had happened. At this same instant someone took a quick pic and this is what came up.


You see Casey in the edge of the shot looking the other direction behind her to try and see what was really going on. There is a fog/mist hovering over her that is very creepy. And...no one there was smoking. We also got what were thought to be EVP's that we are still trying to master. In one clip you seem to hear someone singing, then a childish voice.


Anyway, just a quick update to let you guys know that we do still exist and that we are still doing investigations in the Brazos Valley area as well as Bastrop County and anywhere else we find it possible to go.

On an ending note, if anyone wants to join the group who has technical skills like editing and compiling audio and video files, I/we need you desperately bad!!


Updates 4-28-2013

Hey folks!! Here's just to let you know that TFC is not dead. LOL!! In the last 5 months since you haven't heard from us we have continued to exist and to go on a couple of outings. Everyone's work schedule has been prohibitive of much else but we have done a couple of investigations.


We have been to the Orviss Vault a couple of times, most recently with a spirit box that got a clear EVP. Then we did a business in Calvert, TX on 4-13-13 and got another bizarre EVP that even we cannot figure out.


I would also like to welcome Steve Littljohn (LJ) to TFC. He is now living in Waco temporarily but plans to come back to the area. He is a wizard at inventing things, analyzing evidence, and just making things work in general. We have now had him on a couple of investigations and plan to keep him. His TFC profile will be up soon.


For you fellow ghost hunters and paranormal freaks, I would also HIGHLY recommend a book called "Weird Texas" by Wesley Treat, Heather Shade, and Bob Riggs. This book is all about tales of Texas monsters, paranormal events and legends, haunted places, and roadside oddities. It has definitely sparked our desire to go a few places in the near future. Check it out. You will find the link to "Weird Texas" in our "Links" section and if you buy the book you won't be able to put it down.


You will also notice a couple of new EVP's on the EVP page, one from 3-30-13 at the Orviss Vault and one from the business in Calvert on 4-13-13. Anyway, stay tuned for more...


Updates 11-3-2012

Happy belated Halloween and Day of the Dead/Dia De Los Muuertos. Sorry folks. No investigations over Halloween nor any publicity. We played it low profile this year. We had one investigation that ended up being cancelled on 10-19-12.


Anyway our fearless founder Casey went to Las Vegas over Halloween and visited a couple of very high profile haunted houses. One was the Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror which boasts the R-rated Gates of Hell attraction. It is full throttle, hardcore hands ON YOU horror!!It is also in it's 20th year of operation this year. Check out the link to this awesome and twisted attraction here.



In addition Casey went to Eli Roth's Goretorium on Las Vegas Boulevard. For those of you who don't know, Eli is the twisted mind behind the "Hostel" series of movies. I also had the pleasure of meeting him along with a couple of other celebrities. Check out the link to Eli Roth's Goretorium here.



To summarize, both were well worth the time and money if you're up that way and not gambling the whole time.


Updates 9-28-2012

This is a bit behind but TFC had a great investigation at a Fayette County location on Saturday night, September 8th. We choose not to disclose where we were due to not wanting to publicize the location further due to vandalism that has occurred there and having to have special permission from the Sheriff's Dept. to be there. Thanks to Randy especially at Fayette County and all of the other nice folks for your help and trust in us.


We got a very distinct moan on a recorder left on an old sign for a long gone school quite a distance from where we all were and there are many interesting photos still being analyzed of strange mists, a couple of them red hovering over us. There are many other things to report as this place was very creepy and has even been said to have spooked out some law enforcement.


Also, to any other teens who find themselves in one of our investigation areas while we are investigating, if curious, please stop and politely express interest and ask what we're doing. Don't ride around blowing your horn and polluting our evidence and playing little chicken s--t cat and mouse games with us. Have the courage and be mature about things because otherwise all you do is piss us off (all 10 of us as compared to you 3) and we in turn report you to the Sheriff's Dept., license number and all!!


With that aside, our presentation on 7-28-12 at the Larry J. Ringer Library in College Station went great. We hope to do many more like it. Thanks to all of those who braved the heat and came out to see us.



Updates 6-24-2012

TFC traveled to the ghost town site of Oso, TX. and Pine Springs Cemetery in Fayette County, TX. We were there in the late afternoon on 6-23-12 and the only evidence we saw of the town was the cemetery and the sign for the now nonexistent school operating there from 1858-1946. The delapidated but well-hidden Pine Springs Cemetery, with it's cedar-lined path and stone bridges leading up to it, is a gem of a find almost comparable to the Orviss Vault in Calvert. While there, We found it peaceful and noted not only lots of children's graves but also the fact that there seem to be no graves, that we saw, interred there past the 1880's with most lost in the overgrowth or just pedestals. Our expedition was more of a historical one but we would love to go back possibly at night if permission can be obtained. Sadly, signs of vandalism abound everywhere. This is a great find worthy of much more exploration in the future. Sad and lonely but fascinating all at once. You may see pictures and a summary of this fascinating place under "The Xterra Files."


Updates 6-15-2012

You may catch TFC on 7-28-12 from 1 til 3pm at the Larry J. Ringer Public Library in College Station, TX. We will be presenting there as part of the summer reading program. We are thrilled to have been asked to participate in their program and plan to put on a good presentation.


Also, we have added a "Brandon's Stories" section under "Our Stories." While we only have one story of his posted, we are hopeful he will write more.


TFC has remained down a little longer than planned due to illness and other unexpected occurrences. However, we are now officially back and ready to go.


Updates 2-24-2012

To all TFC followers...... on 9-4-11 a wildfire devastated our group. It came in the midst of the worst drought in Texas history and a 35mph wind and is being called the worst wildfire in Texas history. This fire burned over 34,000 acres, destroyed 1/4 of Bastrop County, and was so large it could be seen from outer space. The fire was more than a fire. It was actually a firestorm 100 feet high that was rolling so fast it nearly overtook those of us fleeing it. On that fateful afternoon over 1,500 homes were destroyed, 3 people were killed, and over 5,000 people were left homeless. Check out the link to this video clip to the Bastrop Complex Fire here.


As a result, TFC has now been at a standstill for over 5 months. TFC lost equipment and most devastating and heartbreaking of all was the total loss of our beloved 2000 Nissan Xterra, TFC vehicle, and mascot "Ace." For those of you who don't know, Ace was our loyal servant for over 7 years and remains at the epicenter of many fond memories of all of our members. Ace remains alive in our logo, our website, and the "Paraxterra" video.


RIP loyal friend. We will never forget you.


TFC has been nonfunctional since that fateful day. However, we have now purchased lots of brand new and state of the art equipment along with a brand new 2011 black Nissan Xterra 4WD 261hp beast. While we cannot replace what we have lost, we can go forward and we will.......


Updates 7-29-2011

TFC is at work doing an investigation at a private home in Bryan/College Station at current. Due to confidentiality issues, TFC cannot disclose anything in detail about this residence other than general details.


TFC has had crazy camera malfunctions while there, lights inexplicably flashing in one bedroom, hearing a piano where there isn't one, and we feel as if we have captured an EVP at 4:01 in this interesting video clip that shows lots of K-2 meter activity as well. Check out the link to this video clip here.


Updates 6-18-2011

Please notice that some interesting pics have been added under "Gallery." They are of the Falls Hotel in Marlin, TX. We are still reviewing other evidence. Also under the "Gallery" you will see a few interesting pics taken of some unusual graves in the Calvert City Cemetery in Calvert, TX. on 5-21-11. There are also new pics posted on our Facebook and Myspace pages as well. There is also a long-overdue blurb under investigations detailing our October 2008 investigation of Spring Creek Park in Tomball, TX. We have also added a link to a website about this historic location in the blurb and also on the "Links" page.


Otherwise, now since everyone's work schedules are meshing better and coupled with a great reunion on 6-11-11, TFC is revving up gain. We got a new super nighsot Sony and plan to start hunting like we used to.


Updates 6-12-2011

TFC had a great night last night as we went down to Marlin, TX. and investigated the Falls Hotel. Every now and then we go back to visit just for sentimental reasons and every time it's just as fascinating as the first time we went. Thanks once again to Chris, the owner, for graciously allowing us to return. We did not have an earth shattering experiences this time but lots of fun. However, we don't always know the extent of things until we screen the evidence. Upon review before we even left though we were all able to observe some pretty interesting pics taken by Steve's camera on his phone. We will be posting these shortly either on the site or on our myspace and facebook pages or all of the above.


Updates 5-22-2011

Check out 5 brand new videos on TFC's youtube channel. Casey went out on 5-21-11 and shot some short documentary style videos to better illustrate the Orviss vault and its other adjacent paranormal hotspots. These were filmed with her HTC EVO phone and were done due to popular demand from our vewers who were asking for more panoramic information on this amazing site. On the "Orviss vault from the right side burial plot" video, Casey found some figures flash in front of her and then disappaear as she made requests for a sign of their presence there. However, when the video was uploaded to youtube, the figures were not apparent. This is puzzling b/c they are on the raw video on her computer. This is currently being researched further.


Updates 4-23-2011

TFC sends out a fond farewell to Field Investigator Charlie Soest who is moving to Florida on April 28th to take a job there. We will miss you buddy. You have been a great friend and paranormal colleague and you will always have a place with TFC. Your pic and bio will stay up on the website as our eyes and ears in Florida.


Updates 3-22-2011

Check out an interesting pic on our Gallery page that was found upon reviewing a past investigation at Cocoamoda Chocolate factory in Calvert, TX.


Updates 3-15-2011

TFC wants to send a big hello to Kyle from Ms. Cogan's class and a big thanks for suggesting this link to us featuring some of America's famous hauntings. Good work Kyle! We are always looking for good references on our site. TFC urges anyone from Ms. Cogan's class to contact us with any questions about the paranormal. Check out the link here and also on our "Links" page.


Updates 3-3-2011

Check out TFC Paranormal now on Facebook.

Also check out a brand new story under Our Stories and then under John�s stories. John has written an article called �Theories on Solar Activity, Earthquakes, and Paranormal Activity.� This is a very interesting story presenting some very plausible theories and correlations between events surrounding and occurring prior to paranormal events and/or increases in paranormal activity. John has done some interesting research on the possible correlations between celestial occurrences, geological events, and historical data documenting increases in paranormal activity. Check it out.


You will also notice additions to the Xterra Files/Our Investigations section adding long overdue blurbs about Mount Vernon cemetery road, Bell Bottom Bridge, and the Buffalo Soldier cemetery. This has been added along with an enhanced Glossary section, FAQ section, more added in the About section, and many more additions and changes all over the site.


Also thanks to all who made queries about us over email as a result of seeing TFC in the recent Insite magazine feature. We are on a hiatus at the current time but we appreciate the interest and will accommodate your requests to follow us out on an investigation as soon as we can.


Updates 2-12-2011

TFC is now listed as a member of the new website called Hauntings Paranormal Social Network They are currently going through beta testing but gaining momentum. We are in the process of getting some of our locations and information listed. Check them out at the link above and on our website under links. Also don't forget to check us out in the month's Insite magazine shown below under our previous news blurb and on our links page.

You will also notice 2 new blurbs under the "Xterra Files/Our Investigations" section detailing expeditions to Mount Vernon ghost town road and Bell Bottom Bridge out from Marlin, TX. These are long overdue being included on our site.


Updates 2-8-2011

Check out TFC's investigation of the Insite printing building in Bryan, TX. featured in the February edition of Brazos Valley Insite magazine.



We will be including this story in the "Our Stories/Personal and Media" section under "Media." To download the pdf of the entire magazine click here. Also, pick up a copy when you can. They did a great job featuring us.


Updates 12-12-2010

On Saturday 12-11-10 TFC made an excursion to Monument Hill State Park in La Grange, TX. to the site of the tomb that houses the remains of the men killed by Santa Anna in the famous "Black Bean Massacre." This park, which is very underrated, sits upon a beautiful high bluff overlooking the Colorado river in La Grange, TX. La Grange is also famous for the �Chicken Ranch� which was the inspiration for the Burt Reynolds/Dolly Parton flick, �The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.�

Also on this same site and what we primarily went to see is the remains of the Kreische Brewery operated until 1884 by the German immigrant, Heinrich Kreische. Kreische and his family ran the brewery and also lived on the site. Their home, built in 1853 and lived in for a total of 97 years by the family, is also on the same site not far from the brewery. You will see several pics of the brewery and Kreische home under investigations. This was more of an excursion than an investigation. It was very enjoyable with lots of vibes and we later that night did the "Trail of Lights" Christmas event that allowed us to go inside the Kreische house. Needless to say, the house is a marvel of architecture to say the least with Mr. Kreische being far ahead of his time in terms of his engineering of the brewery and home.

You will also notice videos posted on youtube of America's Stonehenge and a new short video panorama of the Orviss vault posted due to so many questions by our readers/viewers. Plus, we are having fun with a new Sprint EVO phone that is so user friendly and getting broken in by us. Many more videos will soon be posted.

TFC will have a feature coming out soon in Insite magazine covering our November 6th investigation of the Insite printing building. We will be sure to post it in the news and on the website for those of you who do not get Insite. Thanks so much to Caitlin Shields and all of the nice folks over at Insite for having us.

And finally, TFC will also be in Jefferson, TX. over New Year's weekend to celebrate the new year.



Updates 11-20-2010

I am closing out a very sad week. On Sunday, November 14,2010 my beautiful grey tabby cat Smokey was killed. He was very special to me as founder of TFC as well as to the other members of TFC. He would sit with us all many an hour as we analyzed evidence, had meetings, and he would always be up waiting for me at my back door when I/we returned from investigations. He would never go to sleep until he knew I was home and safe and then he would come and get in bed with me. He is gone way too soon.



Goodbye big, gentle, grey boy. We will never forget you!


Updates 11-13-2010

Update on TFC's investigation last Saturday at the Bryan headquarters of the Insite Publishing Group is as follows: TFC went to investigate and our DVR was left running overnight. While there and over in one particularly active area, 2 TFC members' 2 way radios kept going off with crying babies, children's voices, and very distressed whimpering voices clearly coming through. Each time this was in response to requests for anyone there to give us an audible sign of their presence. Other than that, we have been unable to isolate any further video evidence. Needless to say this is a very interesting place that warrants much more attention.

Look for TFC's interview and feature with Insite Magazine to come out soon.

You will also notice that there are 2 new investigations blurbs under "The Xterra Files" detailing our visit to America's Stonehenge and also our investigation at the Insite building.


Updates 11-6-2010

TFC is now back from 5 days in Massachusetts and New Hampshire where we had a blast. While there we visited Rockport, MA, Boston, MA, Cape Cod, MA, Salem, NH, and of course Salem, MA on Halloween. These and many other locations all over Massachusetts were visited. While there we took many pictures and shot video and did an investigation at America's Stonehenge in Salem, NH.

For those of you who don't know, yes America does have a Stonehenge. America's Stonehenge is a wonderful and fascinating Neolithic site on a place known as "Mystery Hill" in Salem, NH. It stands today still as much of a mystery as the world-renowned Stonehenge in England. We shot some beautiful video there and are currently editing it. Once done it will appear on our youtube channel page. You will also find a link to the America's Stonehenge website added onto our links page.

You will also see a new link on our links page for Paranormal Societies.com who have now included us in their national listing of paranormal groups.

And finally, tonight TFC is going to be doing an interview and investigation for/with the local Bryan/College Station publication, Insite Magazine. We are excited to be picked by them for a story and collaboration. You will find a link to Insite Magazine on our links page and we will keep you posted on what transpires as a result of our collaboration with them.


Updates 9-21-2010

TFC has still not been at it due to personal obligations and work schedules of our members coupled with the heat. However, a couple of our team members will be headed to Massachusetts on October 27th to experience haunted New England. For those of you who have never been, this is a must for every ghost hunter because there is nothing like the haunted charm of New England during Halloween. Stay tuned!!


Updates 7-9-2010

Brand new links are in the "Links" section of the website. Please take special notice of a link to video from The National Funeral Museum posted by another Youtube user. It really does the place justice. TFC has been but not yet investigated yet plans to do so when everyone's schedules once again mesh. If you have never been then please check out this footage and check the museum out. It is really an overlooked gem of a place to go in Houston, TX. that is very underestimated.

Bear with us folks. We have been resting and will be at it again near the end of July.


Updates 5-8-2010

TFC is now listed on the website for Belgian Paranormal Investigators. They have a television show that will be airing later this year and are looking for groups to cross reference all over the world. They have a site in English as well. Check them out. They are listed on our "Links" page as well.


Updates 4-18-2010

You will notice a brand new story in the "Our Stories/Casey's Stories" section entitled "My Guardian."

TFC has been laying low in recent months due to illness within our founder's family also coupled with member's work schedules and personal responsibilities. Once we can get everyone together, we will be back at it again with a big investigation. Until then, keep sending us your inquiries and investigation requests.


Updates 2-10-2010

Notice that a brand new investigation blurb has been added to the "Investigations" section covering TFC's several trips to the Cocoamoda chocolate factory in Calvert, TX. You will find the link to their website there and also on our "Links" page.

TFC has been laying low and has only been out once since 12-26. This is due to everyone's work schedules. However, we are about to gear up once again and have a very exciting investigation coming up in Houston, TX. as soon as we can coordinate everyone's schedules.

On 2-7-10, Casey and a friend ventured up to Houston to the National Museum of Funeral History. For those of you "cool and morbid" folks, this is an absolute must see. This place is jam-packed with beautiful vintage hearses both vehicular and horse-drawn, all manner of elaborate and ornate antique coffins, mourning attire, pictures and videos of the evolution of the mortuary business, and the list goes on. This place is somewhat of a sleeper in that not that many folks seem to know about it or go there. But, for anyone who likes the paranormal, trust me, you will love it. Be sure to click on the bolded words above and you will be redirected to their website. The link is also included on our "Links" page as well.

And finally, TFC will now be based in the Paige, TX. area as well as in Bryan/College Station. For those of you who don't know, Paige is in Bastrop county very close to Bastrop. This change is due to a shift in our founder's work schedule. However, this only makes us all more flexible to cover other areas like Burleson, Lee, Fayette, and Bastrop counties for example. TFC is not in any way attempting to step on any other group's toes but merely putting the word out.


Updates 12-27-2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from TFC!! We have been laying low ever since our 11-28 investigation due to everyone's holiday schedules. The only exception is one short excursion to Bell Bottom Bridge in Marlin, TX. and to a cemetery by Brandon and Casey on 12-26. At current, we are on standby in that the owner of the Washington County home has chosen for now, at our urging, to do her own investigation and experimentation with trying to elicit and record EVP's.

TFC has some exciting potential media opportunities lined up for the new year. If these materialize, each will be a major opportunity for further positive and widespread exposure.

And finally, your webmistress has been very busy flexing her newly acquired web design muscles overhauling freakuency.org over the holidays. You will notice better overall website manueverability with a "Home" button, several new links on the "Links" page, new pics on the "Gallery" page, new definitions on the "Glossary" page, a new pic on the "Team" page, new "Media Stories" and "Casey's stories" and overall much nicer formatting on every page.


Updates 12-12-2009.

We feel that we have EVP's from our 11-28 private home investigation in Washington county. These EVP's seem to coincide directly with all of the wicked EMF spikes that we were getting at the same time in the bedroom. One particular EVP also would seem to take offense at Brandon's presence. Long before we even knew what the EVP said, Brandon was repeatedly stating that he felt unwanted and like the spirit wanted him out of the house.

You will see a new story posted under the "Our Stories/Miscellaneous Media Stories" section of the site. It is entitled "Calvert, TX., UFO Way Station." It is a real rare find after all of these years from a magazine called "The UFO Report." This article ran in the spring of 1975 and details some bizarre sightings thought to be UFO's in the area around Calvert, TX. by many different people in the early 1970's.

There all also 2 new stories under the "Our Stories/Casey's Stories" section entitled "Alone at the High School" and "The Cadillac."


Updates 12-6-2009.

There are 2 new stories under the "Our Stories/Casey" section. One is titled "The Blue Orb" which is the chronicle of a May 2009 experience of 3 members of TFC and the other is a story of a very personal experience of me, Casey, from 2002 surrounding the death of my grandmother. I decided to finally write and share this story due to it being the holiday season and missing my grandmother a lot during this time of year. At the end of the story you will see a beautiful pic of her from 1923 that is very dear to me. RIP G-Mother.

You will also notice 2 links under the "Our Stories/Media" section to where you may buy your copies of "We Believe You" by Chad Miller and "Ghosts Coast to Coast" by Kalyomi. Both of these books include TFC stories.

Finally, TFC is still analyzing evidence from our 11-28 private home investigation. We did not get valid video evidence but got strange audio evidence of activity in the home while everyone was away. We will post more as we know it.


Updates 11-29-2009.

TFC just got done investigating a private home in Washington county on 11-28 and 11-29-09. (location withheld due to confidentiality issues) In this home, the owner reports, amongst many other things, seeing apparitions, hearing voices, footsteps, getting touched, and having her granddaugter and the animals respond to "unseen stimuli." Brandon, Damian, and Casey did the investigation and ran the DVR, 4 IR cameras, and 2 digital voice recorders all evening and well into the wee hours of the morning. We will keep you posted as evidence is just getting under review.

You will also notice a total of 3 brand new EVP's on the site. One is under EVP and titled "How Long?" or "Hello?" as we are not sure exactly what it says. The other 2 are on the video page and are not included for video but for audio content as it is easier to leave the video without having to extract the audio. One is titled "Child Mumbling?" and the other is titled "Growl."

You will see that there is a new story by John under "John's stories" called "The Shadow Man" and a new link to an interesting story about haunted houses by a local realtor that mentions TFC. You will find this story under "TFC Media Stories."

Finally, you will notice and will continue to notice many current and future additions to the website as Casey, your "webmistress," has now become quite proficient in html web design. Thanks Chris!


Updates 11-21-2009.

Two new investigation summaries are posted on the Investigations page and you will also notice new pics on the Gallery page.


Updates 11-2-2009.

Check out TFC's segment that ran Halloween night on the 10 o'clock news on Channel 2 KPRC in Houston here.

You will also notice a link to this story under the "Our Stories/Media Stories" section and we will soon post it to you tube. TFC wishes to thank KPRC for their help and consideration in getting us this much-appreciated coverage.


Updates 10-18-2009.

TFC had the most eventful weekend ever! On friday the 16th TFC spent the afternoon and part of the evening being interviewed by KPRC TV Channel 2 in Houston. Joe and Amy from KPRC interviewed all present members of TFC for a spot on the evening news. They followed us to the Orviss vault in Calvert and shadowed us on a mini investigation there. It is our hope that we will also be included on an upcoming episode of The Eyes of Texas TV show. We do not yet know exactly when the news spot will air but have been told that it will be on just before Halloween. Stay tuned for more details.

While there at the Orviss vault we recorded cold spots, EMF spikes on the K2 meter, and unexplained battery drains and failures on fully charged batteries. Even more interesting is the fact that the camera brought by KPRC had the exact same issue with battery drain at the same time.

Then on Saturday the 17th TFC (Casey, Brandon, Damian, and Charlie) finally made the trip up to Saratoga/Kountze, TX. to try and catch the Fort Bragg ghost light. We had to reschedule this trip from October 3rd due to bad weather. Wile there we encountered 8 miles of a very creepy, very eerie, and very straight road that was initially nonpopulous and boy was it cold out there.

However, as the night progressed, it became rather crowded with all manner of thrill-seekers. When we got there we recorded a rather bizarre display of light. But, it is mostly debunkable we feel due to the straightness of the road and the possibility of car lights, spotlights, etc. We did not encounter the strange displays of light that we have seen recorded by others on youtube and other sites on the internet. Nonetheless we had a great time and will defintely go back. Bragg Road was definitely high on the creep meter.

Once back, we 4 went out to a very remote slave cemetery in Grimes County and did "dead time." This place was even higher on the creep meter as there was a known hanging tree right at the entrance. We ventured into the woods and found some creepy graves out there but curtailed our exploration due to dense underbrush. It was wild out there and we definitely plan to go back.


Updates 9-26-2009.

Pick up a copy of the October 2009 edition of Texas Monthly that makes mention of the Orviss vault on page 140. There is a brief excerpt of an interview with TFC concerning paranormal experiences there. Texas Monthly contacted TFC about the vault and chose to include it under their usual October "Haunted Texas Locations" feature. You may view a scan of the Texas Monthly Orviss blurb under the "Our Stories/In-Depth/Media Stories" section on the website.

You will also notice that the whole "Media Stories" section is new and includes media stories and press-related things on TFC as well as miscellaneous stories on paranormal and paranormal-related events. You will see many more to come especially now since your TFC web mistress has completed html web design training. There are also 3 new stories under the "John's Stories" section detailing some of our investigations.

And finally, stay tuned to our website to see if we are actually lucky enough to be able to get and post video from our up and coming expedition to Kountze, TX. where we will try and catch the Bragg Road ghost light.


Updates 9-4-2009.

Check out our brand new team pics on the gallery page. Also a big thanks goes out to Rachel S. for transforming our very own mascot "Ace" into Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters.

TFC will be mentioned in the October issue of Texas Monthly magazine in a story they are doing on the Orviss vault. This story will be in the usual October edition which features haunted locations in Texas. TFC declined to do the planned video interview with Texas Monthly due to conflicting schedules. However, you will soon see a new video promo of our own compiled and produced by our new video editor, Brandon. We have also shot preliminary scenes to do our own youtube documentary on the Orviss vault. Look for both in the near future.


Updates 8-22-2009.

TFC has continued to investigate within recent weeks and partnered once again with Gabriel Morales and his team from the Houston area on 8-15-09. On this date they asked us to give them a tour of some Calvert locations they had heard about through us. We plan to try and make a trip fairly soon to see the Fort Bragg ghost light near Saratoga, TX. with Gabriel and his group.

Before that on 7-18-09 TFC once again returned to the chocolate factory that we visited before. Our crew was able to pick up knocks in response to our queries as to if someone was there. Several times Casey picked up very audible knocks on a back door in response to her questions. Each time she threw open the door to find a creepy, dark , isolated back alley with no one in sight. Although we have this on tape, the knocks alone do not constitute what is need for inclusion on the evidence portion of our site.

You will soon see mention of TFC as well as a video documentary courtesy of a major Texas publication. This publication has contacted us regarding our involvement with the Orviss vault and their interest in including it in their October 2009 edition featuring haunted Texas places. We are gearing up to do this at current and will post more as details become more concrete.


Updates 7-29-2009.

Welcome to brand new member, Brandon Placker, who joins TFC as a video editor and field investigator. Brandon lives with his fianc� locally and works at a reptile sanctuary. He has a youtube page/channel and he will be invaluable to TFC in producing some upcoming videos that are already in the planning and production phase. You may now read Brandon's bio and see his pic on "The Team" page.

Check out a new story as well as a new section of stories to be written by John under the �Our Stories� and then the �John� section. This story covers a very eventful night that TFC experienced on 7-18-09. The story covers and describes events surrounding the collection of 3 EVP�s that night at the second location that we visited.

On 7-18-09, TFC first visited a cemetery in Milam County that we have been to in the past yet not really investigated due to the thorny undergrowth. We returned there and were actually able to investigate due to the clearing of much of the cemetery. While we have not been able to find EVP�s from there, we did record an odd form on video that we are trying to debunk

While at this first cemetery, all six members felt watched and uncomfortable at times while out there and 2-3 members turned around and called to a glimpse of someone that was thought to be one of the team members yet each time the form would disappear. Wild EMF readings would also accompany each occurrence. Casey panned the camera past a grove of bushes twice and caught a dark shadow figure (unseen at the time) that looks like a person from the shoulders up watching us from the bushes. A return trip has yielded no gravestone or anything in the grove of bushes that could have produced a similar image. As they say in legal-speak, the jury�s still out on that one.

Although TFC has taken it easy this summer, we are about to gear up for the fall with lots of excursions to start in August. Stay tuned for updates.


Updates 7-10-2009.

Check out a brand new story enititled "The SUV Phantom" under Casey's Stories.


Updates 6-5-2009.

Below are a list of experiences from our recent historic jail investigation on 4-25 and 4-26-09.

Two TFC members (both female) reported that they were alarmed when they were physically touched in the basement (one twice and another once and both in the same area) while asking questions and probing. During this period, wild temperature changes were recorded (as abrupt temperature changes tend to accompany paranormal activity).

Two TFC members on two separate occasions were in the rear room and were startled when the chain and shackle within the small cell rattled on it�s own. There was also whispering heard in the cell which prompted a vigil to be done in there. Once in there, the same 2 members continued to hear the whispering. Recording was done and it was also picked up on audio.

Between 1247 and 240am on the morning of 4-26-09 while the last 4 remaining members were doing a vigil in the rear room, activity picked up notably. Within this time frame, footsteps were heard continually. They intensified at about 240 am when all four TFC members were startled by very audible and deliberate footsteps that seemed to be coming down the stairs and then down the hallway. Everyone got up and watched thinking that someone had come in and was coming down the hall. We then went to investigate to make sure the front door was locked and it was. During this period of time, the camera recording the staircase behaved oddly.

Aside from this, 3 members of TFC had an eye-opening experience on the night of May 16th when Ace became temporarily stuck in mud out at a very remote location during a turn around attempt. As maneuvering was taking place to free ourselves, a very large blue orb began floating down the road towards the truck which was sideways in a turn around attempt at the time. This sight understandably alarmed the three TFC members especially as it neared the truck. Then, just as it neared the truck, it disappeared into thin air.We are still trying to figure that one out.

With summer here, TFC members will be vacationing and pursuing other ventures and we may not be as active for a while. But, stay tuned because we will continue to post periodic updates.


Updates 4-27-2009.

TFC had an exciting night on Saturday night, April 25th. We spent the night at the historic Fayette County Jail in La Grange, TX. The TFC gang were joined there by some of Casey's co-workers from the Bastrop Bluebonnet Trails Mental Health Clinic and we had a blast.

We are reviewing evidence at current but we can defiinitely say that there were quite a few experiences we had while there that we cannot explain. Stay tuned for pictures and evidence.


Updates 4-4-2009.

Check out 2 of TFC's very own stories of paranormal encounters in Texas author Chad Miller's book, "We Believe You," tentatively due out in book stores either this May or early June 2009. Chad is the author of several other books on similar topics. Check author Chad Miller out on myspace.

Also, TFC is in the process of putting together a date in the latter part of April to do an all-night vigil in an old jail with known and well-documented paranormal activity. Stay tuned.


Updates 3-21-2009.

Our myspace is up and running again. Check us out on/at myspace and be our friend.


Updates 3-20-2009.

Please take notice of the brand new updated flash intro to our website reflecting new cemetery footage.

Also, take a look at our brand new and updated music video now posted on our youtube page. It is labeled TFC Paranormal 2009 Revised Promo Video and reflects current accurate TFC membership.

Although this video states at the end that it was produced by Kedren Reade Sitton, it was actually me, Casey, who produced this incarnation of TFC's video. Strangely enough, I have recently gained much more training and I am doing all of the website design and now most of the video production and analysis. Needless to say, it has finally sunk in and I am very proud of myself.

For those of you who may have noticed the absence of our myspace page, it will be back up soon and even better. Some recent security compromises have prompted us to take it down and start over.

And finally on the near future TFC roster in April, we will be making another trip to Oklahoma and we will also be investigating and doing an all-nighter at a haunted jail.


Updates 3-13-2009.

TFC partnered with Gabriel Morales and his team, Konundrum Productions, out of Houston, TX. on 2-28-09. We went several places which included a haunted chocolate factory. TFC is excited about this partnership and plans to do many more things with Gabriel and his team in the future.

In addition, TFC enjoyed a relaxing weekend up in the Wichita Mountain Range in Oklahoma which is said to be haunted. This occurred over the weekend of 3-6-09. This was a much-needed break.

And finally, TFC is taking a break at the current time but is working on several investigations in the near future at known, haunted locations. Stay tuned.


Updates 2-8-2009.

TFC has now joined the network of United Paranormal Investigators (UPI). For those of you who don�t know, the UPI website is a meeting place and a valuable source of information exchange for those in the paranormal world. It is a place where groups are listed by state and area and where paranormalists can go for information provision and exchange, help, and for publishing and recognition of investigations, theories, and evidence. TFC is listed under the �Help for the Haunted� section, then under Texas and we are chapter 40.

Since our last update, TFC has investigated 2 residences and have also been back to 2 of our usual spots amongst several other things. The following are excerpts from some notable things that happened. All are accounts by TFC Investigation Coordinator John but first is an account of a wild night at the Orviss vault and another location on 2-1-09. After that are accounts of events at the Falls Hotel in Marlin on 12-13-08 and one of the 2 private residences done in January2009.

Because of some weird dreams I have had lately of two locations that we have visited I wanted to check them out. So we went out Sunday night to Orviss and another location. As soon as we walked up to Orviss vault area we felt very odd like we were not very welcome.

Then as I was explaining my dream Casey noticed some movement in the woods in front of us. A shadow kept moving around in the trees without making any noise for several minutes. I then explained that in my dream a shadow walks up (audible foot falls) right up to the fence within feet of me and stares.

After about a half hour of investigating, we were behind the vault with the camera pointing into one of two clearings. In my dream the shadow walks up from one of these clearings so if this weird dream was a harbinger I wanted to be ready for that craziness to happen and get it on film.

Then we heard loud and clear someone walking through the leaves circling to our left. At this point Casey notices what looks a man cross a clearing in the woods some twenty to thirty feet away and tells me. He/she then walked back around to our front where the camera was pointing and stopped.

After a moment I hopped the fence and Casey and I went to see if it is just some dude trying to be funny. Where we clearly heard the footsteps in the leaves stop was another fenced in grave plot (the one that throws off a compass when you walk inside the fence). There we found no one.

After a short while we walked back to the Orviss Vault and started talking about the fact that it was probably someone trying to spook us. Then during the train horn blowing in the distance I heard again the footsteps in the leaves that would stop between the train's horn sounding. The person was walking in the leaves hiding his/her foot falls with the train horn. Again it moved to the clearing to our left and stopped. Then the train passed and everything was silent. I was listening for the foot falls in the leaves and thought I heard them come from directly in front of the camera. As I was watching that area I thought I saw in my peripheral vision to my left a black shape appear.

At that moment Casey sucked in a lung full of air and said some naughty words of surprise (you can imagine). I looked at her and she was looking to my left. I turned around and saw a black shape move away from the fence and vanish. Casey immediately doubted what she saw. She said she saw a dark figure of a large man standing at the fence (with a hat) and then he was gone. I did not chase after this time. We were both still shook up after it vanished and then we heard a few steps into the woods before going silent.


Later at another location we arrived just as the lightning storm was coming in on the horizon. This location is always eerily quiet and that night the flashes of lightning from miles off with no thunder just added to the feel of the place.

While there we both saw tennis ball size orbs of light, both red and blue. We both also heard noises coming from the field next door every now and then that could have been a large animal but we could never locate it.

On December 13th 2008 TFC (with guest team Aggieland Ghosthunters) investigated the Falls Hotel in Marlin, Texas. The people working there reported to us that they see shadows moving, a woman in period clothing walking down the stairs, and a "doll" in appearance apparition floating around the ballroom. One person who worked for the building and lived on the second floor carried a club around with him for protection against the structure�s "other" inhabits.

We arrived and Casey unlocked the first set of front double doors and cold air rushed out. She unlocked the second set of doors and a cold breeze steadily blew out. In an area about 20 ft by 30 ft the temperature was in the upper forties to low fifties. Everywhere else on the first floor it was some ten to twenty degrees higher. We found no vents by the front door to cause this temperature difference.

We set up cameras in the basement, first, and second floors and then broke up into teams with handheld video and started searching the hotel. While setting up the video camera in the basement I felt the sensation of being watched from the darkness in the area around the basement elevator access.

For hours nothing worth reporting occurred until after 10 PM. Then one member of our group had decided to wonder the floors alone like several others were doing at times. As he got to the middle of the length of the hallway of the sixth floor he reported that he felt two hands grab him and push him aside. He then felt the air being moved as this invisible presence passed. He reported that it was like someone in a hurry pushing their way past him but they didn't say "excuse me" as they did.

Immediately after it happened he called Casey on the radio and sounded out of breathe and his messages were broken up and very hard to understand. I was standing with Casey in the stairwell on 3 when he called. We couldn't understand what the problem was but we did hear him when he stated he would be in the stairwell waiting for us.

When we reach him he was sitting on the steps staring without blinking at the doorway to the sixth floor. He was pale and his hands were shaking as he explained what had just occurred. The three of us then searched the floor looking for the source of the incident and found no one or thing. I took a lot of pictures of the floor at this time and in only one picture was there an unknown image that could or could not be paranormal.

Later a member of our team and the two members of Aggieland Ghosthunters were on the sixth doing some EVP's sessions. Our member was sitting alone in one of the rooms with a EMP detector (K-2 meter with 5 LED readout). While asking questions she asked if the spirit had committed suicide and then all the lights lit up. Some other questions sparked life in the meter but no visual verification noticed.

The night slipped into the midnight hour and while others were still investigating I decided to sit down in the ballroom and just hangout. From the stage where I was sitting I could see out through the all glass panel front wall out to the street. There a man sitting in his truck was on the phone and closely watching me. I figure he was on the phone with the police on the owner reporting strange folks in the ballroom.

As I glanced at him I noticed something move in the darkness of the corner of the room inside the building. I then got up and checked to see if one of the members of the group was trying to sneak up and scare me as a gag. While looking around the front room of the floor I heard footsteps across the ballroom's wooden floor. I ran back into the ballroom still hearing the footsteps that sounded like someone walking towards the stage and found one in the ballroom. While standing confused in the ballroom I started hearing steps across the floor sounding like someone walking out of the ballroom.

While there were personal experiences there, we could verify no ironclad evidence out of what we collected.

Finally TFC investigated a local residence. We set up video downstairs pointing towards the office door and placed digital audio recorder inside the office. Upstairs we ran hard line into the hallway pointing down towards the kids� rooms and one in each of the kids� rooms covering the children in their beds and the corners of the rooms. This is where the little girl reported seeing the �strange man� and the �scary eyes.� Digital still shot cameras were used to cover all other areas and places of interest.

At one point during the time the kids were napping I found the area in front of the office door in the family room was cooler than the rest of the house by 3 to 4 degrees and that the cooler area was growing and expanding across the floor into the kitchen and into the kids playroom. I displayed this to the owner and her family.

Then after the little girl woke up we watched her to see if anything would happen. It was reported that most of the time the unexplained incident occurs after her afternoon nap. We watched her as she got out of bed and started her own investigation. The 2 � year old walked over to the camera and examined it. She then disappeared from view and one of the team went to check on her. They found she was laying down on the floor in the doorway to her room looking across the hall into the doorway leading into her brother�s room.

Moments later the same team member looked down the hallway towards the kids� rooms and for a split second thought he saw someone peeking around the corner looking at him. He quickly went to the area where he saw the person (the doorway to the little boy�s room) and found no one. He asked us if the boy had gotten out of bed or if we saw anyone enter the boy�s room and we said �no, only you just a few seconds ago� (when Mike had entered the room to find the person he saw in the doorway).

The little girl then got up and followed the wires of the camera in her room down the hall to where they connected to the DVR and of course where we were. Shortly after her mother came upstairs and asked her daughter if she had seen the �strange man�. The little girl said yes and pointed to the screen showing the output of our three cameras. She pointed to the camera of the hallway and pointed to the area shown of her brother�s doorway.

Her mom asked her to show us the �man� and the little girl seemed to hesitate. She walked out into the hallway and I stood between her and the end of the hall telling her I�ll keep anyone from getting her. Her mom asked her to point out the �scary man� and the little girls eyes started at the doorway of her brother�s room and moved towards me until she got to me and pointed at me. At that point I turned to my left to see if I could see what was behind me and while I could not my left shoulder and back got cold.

I then asked the little girl if she wanted to take pictures with my digital camera. I showed her how and she immediately understood how to use it with only one lesson. While helping her aim the camera for the first two shots went she took of her mother and Casey talking by the stairs leading down.

After those pictures were taken my camera started having technical problems and the display were turn red and the error message said �failed to save image�. This happened about four times before the error message changed to �batteries depleted�. The batteries had been replaced before the investigation started. I examined the pictures that she took before the camera failed and between Casey and the girl�s mother is a distortion of light. After the batteries were changed out I let the girl take pictures and she took several with no problems.

There was no verifiable evidence collected at this location that day aside from personal experiences. We had plans to return but the homeowner has reported that there has been no further activity since our visit and she seems pleased.


Updates 1-4-2009.

Merry belated X-mas and Happy 2009 to all from TFC Paranormal!!

Over the holidays as a couple of members have been convalescing from surgery, illness, etc., TFC has still managed to do investigations of old haunts, a hotel, and 2 residences. Not much else to report other than we have new and more efficient equipment and are ready to go. We will continue to keep you all posted.

The biggest new is.....Check out TFC's all new updated music video reflecting current members. Check it out on our youtube page. You may also see it on our myspace page.


Updates 11-19-2008.

TFC did collect EVP's from our Spring Creek Park investigation in Tomball, TX!! We will be putting them up on the site provided they can be brought up to par and are loud enough once transferred.

On 11-15-08 TFC co-investigated the Orviss Vault with Brien Wiggins and Jon Hitt of Aggieland Ghost Hunters. AGH collected EVP's on that night which you may hear on their website. You will see the link to their website on our "Links" page. This was a very wild night. In that other members of TFC were not available that night, Casey and a new member, John Causey, went out and spent a total of 5 hours out in the woods at the Orviss Vault and surrounding area. John is a Desert Storm Veteran and also an ex-police officer who currently works for Schlumberger in Bryan, TX. John brings much-needed investigative and analytical skills to the group. Welcome John!!

The following is John's account of the events leading up to returning to the Orviss Vault on Saturday, November 15th. Please note. The picture John keeps referring to below may now be seen on the gallery page. This is the pic that we have tried for hours to debunk.

On November 8th, we arrived in Calvert and at the Orviss location for my first time there and I made a general sweep of the location with the rest of the group. I noticed only one thing out of sorts and that was when I stood at the open area of the fence that surrounds the burial vault. I could reach in past the opening and the air inside was noticeably cooler. I stepped inside the fenced in area and felt cooler all over. The air also had a light, energized feel to it that I can only compare to the air inside a large computer server room. I took only about twenty photos of the site and surrounding woods and had a digital audio recorder going while touring the site.

When I later reviewed the evidence I found in one picture I had taken of the woods surrounding the Orviss site a blue flash/glow. I immediately marked it off as a flash reflection on a shiny object. At this point a wanted to go back to the site and confirm the temperature difference I felt walking through the fence opening at the front of the Orviss vault and locate and confirm what caused the blue glow in the picture.

I gathered up an indoor/outdoor digital thermometer set that is sold by Radio Shack that reads the temperature down to the tenths of a degree and wireless transmits that information to an indoor receiving unit that reads the indoor temperature. On the indoor unit it displays both temperatures side by side. I checked these units all week with them both side by side and across the room from each other. Side by side they displayed the exact same (73.1 F / 73.1 F). Across the room from one another they would sometimes vary (74.2 F / 74.4). Outside with one near a cement structure and the other six foot away it again displayed some variance (68.3 F / 68.6 F).

I spoke to Casey during the work week about me wanting to use instruments to confirm the temperature difference and she told me that every time she goes to the Orviss location the feel she gets inside the fenced in area is different. I acknowledged her and said I still wanted to try and document the difference if there was one to measure.

On November 15th of 2008 I went back to the Orviss location with Casey Unger and we brought all of our instruments. I also brought old school stuff for finding changes in nature. One item being a compass. In the past when I have noticed oddities in an area (strange electric feel, pressure change in your ears, light headedness, etc) I have noticed the compass� direction is also sometimes altered.

I first set up the indoor digital thermometer unit about a foot and a half to two feet outside the fence opening and then the outdoor unit about the same distance on the inside of the fence in area. Both were attached to a wooden stake and were about two feet off the ground. For over an hour the temperature for both units was exactly the same down to tenths of a degree. As dusk approached the Tri-Field Meter that was set up away from where we were moving about and near the area where the �Children Left� EVP was captured started sounding off high spikes detecting Natural EM. Shortly after that Casey and I were out trying to find the source of what caused the glow/flash in the picture. All around that area and around the tree seen in the picture where we saw the blue glow we looked and could not find any trash or anything else that could reflect light.


1837hrs � 11/15/2008 - We went further north from the tree where the flash originated (appears to have) and discovered a fenced in burial plot that appeared to be empty of any head stones (John Singleton�s Site). Casey walked around to one side because she noticed what looked like a piece of a very small headstone sticking out of the ground. During the week prior she was telling me that she had once had a strange dream of seeing people burying a little girl near the Orviss site. Where in the thick woods she had pointed when describing what see saw as the location of this burial in the dream is where we had now found this family plot. This is also near the area of the blue flash. Then both Casey and I noticed a full headstone that was covered partially by a tree. We photographed the headstone and the entire fenced in plot and then tried to read the stone. It reads �John Singleton�, �C.S.A.� (Confederate States of America), and some information about his unit and which state he represented. It does not give any date information at all.When Casey cleared the plant growth and opened the gate to this fenced in plot my ears rang like there was a sudden change of atmospheric pressure. After checking the stone marker for information finding the Singleton information I took out by compass and held it in front of me to find Magnetic North. After doing so I extended my hand holding the compass inside the fenced in plot and the compass marker rotated about twenty degrees to the east finding a new bearing North. I photographed this finding. While in this area of the woods we both noted that we felt hot and both were sweating. Casey even commented that she was thinking of taking off her sweat jacket because she was warm. I found this odd since she is half my weight or less. I thought I was getting hot because of my weight and being out of shape (it�s been a long time since the Army!). It was also odd because it was in the mid-forties (degrees F).

1846 hrs � 11/15/2008 - Casey also took me east of the Singleton site to an site (Harrell site) with a headstone that I couldn�t read then, but later I found it reads �James A Harrell Co B 18 Tex Cav�. In this fenced plot area there is only this one headstone present. It is northeast of the Orviss vault. Headstone photographed.

1951 hrs � 11/15/2008- We then went back to the Orviss site which is South of the Singleton site I checked my digital static thermometers and found the temperature inside the Orviss fenced in site was warmer than the outside area by one degree. I photographed this finding and the temperature readings for two more times this night. The temperatures and times were as follows.

1951 hrs 47.5F 46.6F

2038 hrs 46.0F 45.1F

2141 hrs 44.6F 43.5F

Before leaving I placed the units next to one another and they leveled out to the exact number down to the tenths of a degree.

I took 253 pictures the night of November 15th covering every angle and inch of the Orviss vault and the nearby areas seen from the Orviss site. Using an extendable mono-pod I was able to set my camera to �timer� and extend the camera into the caskets, into the ceiling, behind the door, under the shelves, and up on top of the building. I tried in over thirty pictures to reproduce the flash or glow that I caught on the eighth of November without luck. And as noted above the area was searched thoroughly by both Casey and I. The temperature differences and compass changes were witnessed by Casey Unger and the two members of Aggieland Ghost Hunters.

At present I have discovered no reason for the compass actions. The fence was checked with the compass and not found to be magnetic. The difference in temperature was the second unexplained occurrence. It was not close enough radiate heat from the stone and the building is only struck by the sun around noon day. If the building had been the reason for the difference in temp then it would have been one degree off from the beginning and not over an hour later. At first the two units were reading exactly the same temps down to the tenths of a degree. The glowing blue spot in the photo can not be explained.

2031 hrs- 11/15/2008- While standing at the rear of the Orviss vault Casey and I were talking about the history of Sterling Cemetery and our speculations as to why there were what appears to be children�s coffins present in the vault when the couple was listed as not having heirs. I then heard static noise come from the digital recorder in my pocket like a radio breaking squelch and found that the �play� button had been pushed. I switched it back to record and then noticed that my digital camera had a light flashing. I checked it and found that the record button had been pushed and it had been recording video for an unknown amount of time. Later I checked the video and found over three minutes had been recorded and during this video recording you couldn�t see anything for most of it length but the audio was clear. I heard during this recording where my digital recorder flips over to play and then after setting it back to record I can hear me when I notice the camera light blinking and find the camera recording.

Fact: My camera is a HP Photosmart M415 which has a recessed video record button that is very, very hard (almost impossible) to accidentally activate. (If you have one gave it try!)Oddly enough, my Olympus VN-3100PC digital recorder also has a recessed play button but no where near as hard to activate as the camera�s and it was in my pocket with a remote mic receiver plugged into it. The receiver unit may have tumbled around and hit the play key, but I was standing still. Plus, as far as the camera goes it was attached to a mono-pod out in front of me and there was no objects within five to six feet of me for that camera to bump into.

No further audio or video (to include still shot digital) evidence was found.

Personal experiences:

(1) While walking past the metal bench that is grown over by the tree I felt something make contact and rub across my head. Casey was behind me and saw nothing. As soon as it happen I swept the area above my head to clear away what I thought was a limb hitting my hat and head. When my hand never contacted a limb or anything else I looked up and just saw sky. Unknown what bumped the top of my head. Earlier Casey was standing in the same area and asked me what I said when I hadn�t said anything. She said she heard someone speak.

(2) 2221hrs � 11/15/2008- I was taken pictures with my digital camera on the extended pole in the Orviss vault. I pushed the camera�s timer and quickly moved the camera into position. Right before the camera took a picture of the inside of the small metal (child�s?) casket I saw what looked like a weaker camera flash to my right that startled me (like that of a disposable camera). I had believed that both Jon and Brian of Aggieland Ghost Hunters had gone with Casey to the site some 100 to 150 ft south of the vault but when I saw the flash I immediately said something like �Hey, didn�t know you were there� or the likes thinking one of them had stayed. I didn�t get an answer and I still had the spots in my eyes from the flash I saw to my right so I walked around to the west side of the vault and looked around the woods and the area but I saw no one. Then I noticed what looked like some fog in the trees and the temperature felt like it increased where I was standing. It changed to the point that my glasses started to fog up and I realized the �fog� I was seeing was on my glasses. Within ten or so minutes I no longer saw the fog that was on my glasses and the temperature seemed to return to normal. During this time I checked the static digital thermometers (both) in the front of the vault and they had an increase of .5 degrees. They then went back to where they were (1 degree different from each other). The three came back from the south (Cincinnati Gate site � named after the maker of the gate and fence) site and as they approached I was still believing one was in the woods to the north and was surprised to see all three come from the south area and state they had been there the whole time. Explanation, none. Maybe something wanted me to stay away from the child�s casket? So I will.

Graves that were found that are not listed in Robertson County Cemetery website for this area.

James A Harrell

Kate May Wynn (wife of S H Wynn)

Columbus L Smith

Minnie Cox Nash

John Singleton

I don�t have the answers, which is why I am interested in the field of investigating unexplained occurrences. When I figure it all out I will be a much wiser man.


Updates 11-2-2008.

Happy belated Halloween, and also today, Happy Day of the Dead, Dia De Los Muertos, All Soul's Day, or whatever your preference, language, faith, etc. Needless to say, today is a holy day to remember the souls of all the dearly departed.

TFC took Halloween off due to 2 members going up to New England to enjoy, amongst many other things, All Hallow's Eve in Salem, MA. This was a needed rest for all of us after our wild investigation last weekend in the Spring Creek Park located in Tomball, TX.

Last weekend TFC met and partnered with Jennifer Enoch's Montgomery, TX. based Vast Eco Explorations at the park and investigated an old Confederate gunpowder mill and battlefield. This site, marked by a stone monument, was where the mill was located and tragically where a freak explosion occurred killing the 3 unfortunate men who were there at the time.

While there, The Tomball Potpourri newspaper shadowed us and later wrote a story on the investigation. Needless to say it was very eventful. You may read about the events that ocurred during the investigation in the article here. Evidence from that night is still being reviewed and as usual we will keep you all posted as to what we find.

Before that, reporter Clair Lavender from Texas A&M University's Battalion interviewed us for a wonderful story that ran on Halloween. You may check it out here. Thanks so much Clair!!!

And finally, TFC has many investigations lined up for the winter. We have found that paranormal activity tends to escalate over the holidays and we can't wait!!


Updates 9-25-2008.

Check out our brand new short video promo on youtube featuring our Xterra. This video is yet another masterpiece produced by our very own Technical Specialist, Kedren �Reade� Sitton. And for all of the Nissan Xterra clubs that have repeatedly snubbed us because of whatever reason, eat your heart out!!

Also, you will see our press release below (minus our contact info) for our inclusion in Volume 2 of Golden West Publishers' Ghosts from Coast to Coast by Kalyomi. This is a CD book that includes TFC and prestigiously hails us as �one of the country�s best ghost hunting groups.� TFC's firsthand account of our famous EVP entitled "The Children Left" is being featured in the book that will have an October 2008 release. We are currently gearing up for a media blitz surrounding the book�s release.


And finally, we have been and will continue to vigorously hit the road this fall. We are currently concentrating on several very active cemeteries. We are accumulating EVP�s and will be posting them soon as they can be enhanced and are befitting for the website in terms of sound quality.


Updates 8-24-2008.

A warm welcome goes out to brand new member, Mike Gomez, who is an ex police officer and current owner of his own handy man business here in Bryan/College Station. Mike brings his valuable law enforcement and investigative experience to TFC. We are very glad to have him on our team.

Athena "A.J." of Bastrop Paranormal fame is also joining us to be our eyes and ears in the Bastrop area. You will also notice her very obvious photographic skill in several new pictures she shot for us on 8-23 for our team page. She really makes us look good as you will see. A.J. will continue to join us periodically and vice versa.

You will notice new pics and bios for 4 new members as well as updated team pics on the team page as well as the gallery page.

On 8-22 TFC did a short investigation of the Orviss vault and then on 8-23 we ventured up to Marlin and once again to the historic Falls Hotel and later to Bell Bottom Bridge. TFC members present were Casey, Angel, A.J., Charlie, Damien, and Mike. Present was also a friend of A.J. and also a friend of Damien and Charlie. This was the very first investigation for Mike and also for this incarnation of the crew.

Needless to say, we had a blast. This is by far the best crew TFC has ever had. We will keep you posted as investigation data is analyzed.


Updates 8-3-2008.

Check out a brand new EVP from our recent 6-21-08 trip to The Jefferson Hotel on the EVP page. TFC has collected a large amount of EVP's in June and July that we would love to post. However, once the files were converted, we were not satisfied with the resulting clarity and sound quality so they were unable to be presented on the website. For this same reason, we have removed several sound clips off the EVP page pending possible future ability to enhance.

Also, you will see 2 new videos containing EVP's on the video page from 6-28-08. These 2 videos are also on youtube.

TFC would also like to extend a warm welcome to new members Charles Soest from Shiro, TX., Damien Jones who is a TDCJ prison guard who works in Navasota, TX., and A.W. who for now prefers to keep a low profile. Since the recent inclusion of these new members, 2 of which you will soon see on the team page, we have had a dramatic increase in activity. As most of you know, it takes the right constellation of people to bring about desired activity. As of now, we are definitely thinking that we have a good thing going.


In summation, there are lots of exciting things coming up for us such as lectures, ghost hunts, ghost tours, and not only the book we will be featured in but the promise of some possible upcoming major media exposure. We are also currently working with A.J. of Bastrop Paranormal investigating a very interesting home in Bastrop County where the people are having issues with seeing a shadow man, hearing a phantom car and footsteps and a knock on the door, seeing tiny shadow figures running around the back yard at dusk and also up in the trees, and many other things. Although we cannot disclose a lot due to confidentialy issues, we will keep you updated on our experiences there.


Updates 7-14-2008.

Look for TFC soon in Volume 2 of Golden West Publishers' Ghosts from Coast to Coast by Kalyomi. This is a CD book that is a collection of ghost pictures, EVP, and commentary from ghost hunters across the country. TFC's firsthand account of our famous EVP entitled "The Children Left" is set for inclusion and is being featured in the book.


You will also notice all new team pics on the team page.


And finally, TFC had an explosive June. June 21rst was very active in Jefferson's Oak Hill Cemetery and so was the 28th at the Orviss vault. We, however, did not collect any other than personal experiences at our private home in Marshall, TX. We will be posting new EVP's soon.


Updates 6-24-2008.

TFC ventured up to Jefferson, TX on 6-20-08 and stayed at the charming Jefferson Hotel till 6-22-08. During this period of time TFC investigated 2 cemeteries, the Jefferson Hotel, and a private residence in Marshall, TX. Present were Casey, Reade, Angel, (A.W.) who will remain anonymous at this point, and we were also lucky enough to have had the company of A.J. of Bastrop Paranormal fame. She traveled and investigated with us and there was never a dull moment. Thanks A.J.!!! We love you!!


On the night of 6-20-08 three crew members reported their bed vigorously shaking in room 16 of the Jefferson Hotel. This is the room where members of another paranormal group reported toilet paper that would come shooting out of the bathroom and scare them. Although we joked about this happening it did not. The DVR was run in room 16 yet we have not gone over the evidence yet.


Our first cemetery on Friday night was uneventful and rather peaceful but Jefferson�s Oakwood Cemetery on Saturday night was not so quiet. We heard whispers, observed wild EMF readings, had bizarre radio and equipment malfunctions, and the list goes on. Needless to say, it was lots of fun. At this point some other paranormal researchers arrived and our activity seemed to suddenly cease.


Then we went to a private residence in Marshall, TX on Saturday night where the family reported frequently hearing a little girl giggle, a man�s voice, and all manner of appliance oddities such as televisions coming on by themselves. These odd occurrences were witnessed not only by the 2 adults in the home but also by the 2 children as well . This home is in the process of being remodeled with the owners having lived there 2-3 years and it was also across the street from a funeral home.


Camcorder footage as well as DVR footage and audio recordings from there are all currently under analysis. And, last but not least, Angel did heard a little girl giggle as we were leaving and had the equipment all boxed up.


While there in Jefferson, TFC let off steam by doing the Caddo Lake steamboat tour which is highly recommended and also the bayou boat tour. We also ate the local catfish which is awesome, saw the sites, and did some shopping.


As previously mentioned, we are currently screening the evidence and you will see any evidence we collect posted on the site that is if it makes the cut and is compelling enough.


And finally, TFC will next be staying around our local area for a while and focusing on initiating several possible new recruits and interested parties by taking them to some local �haunts.� So�stay tuned to our �freakuency� for more TFC updates.


Updates 5-7-2008.

It's finally here!!! We have now posted our brand new and totally updated TFC music video showing all of us in action. Visit our youtube page ASAP and check it out!!


Updates 5-2-2008.

TFC ventured up to Marlin, TX on 4-26-08 for a joint investigation with A.J. and her party of fellow paranormal researchers from Bastrop, TX and Jordan and his group of friends from Waco, TX.


Jordan found us through myspace and he and I (Casey) started chatting about an experience that he and his friends had years back at a place called Bell Bridge out from Marlin. This experience freaked them all out and involved them seeing a pretty wicked orb that looked like a cell amongst many other paranormal occurrences. This has apparently happened to many others as well from what I am told.


Jordan then asked if TFC was interested in seeing this location and of course, always being up for a challenge, we agreed and the rest is history. We first went out to the bridge with he and his friends and they then accompanied TFC back to participate with us in our simultaneously going investigation at The Falls Hotel back in Marlin.


We had an absolute blast with everyone and all worked so well together. TFC is very much looking forward to a future partnership with A.J.�s group from Bastrop as well as Jordan�s group. We also took more video and photos that same night for inclusion into our new video which we thought was good but is now gonna be even better and will be out any day now. We are also still analyzing the evidence from that night and will keep you all posted as to what we get.


While there in Jefferson, TFC let off steam by doing the Caddo Lake steamboat tour which is highly recommended and also the bayou boat tour. We also ate the local catfish which is awesome, saw the sites, and did some shopping.


As previously mentioned, we are currently screening the evidence and you will see any evidence we collect posted on the site that is if it makes the cut and is compelling enough.


And finally, TFC will next be staying around our local area for a while and focusing on initiating several possible new recruits and interested parties by taking them to some local �haunts.� So�stay tuned to our �freakuency� for more TFC updates.


We all piled out of the cars and walked over to check everything out. As soon as I got on the bridge, I looked up, and saw what looked like static electricity coming from the trees. It was as if each leaf was covered with static and when they brushed together they would spark. They were bright white flashes, like tiny flash bulbs, and they were everywhere! We all decided they must be lightning bugs, although I've never seen lightning bugs/fireflies that glow white... ::shrugs:: It was pretty freakin' spectacular whatever it was...


Anyway, T.F.C. brought their gear with 'em: EMF detectors, K2 meters, digital thermomers, voice recorders, video cameras...you name it. They got several spikes with the EMF detector that wouldn't stay still, and we felt all felt several cold spots.


There were even parts of the bridge that made people dizzy/weak in the knees. Like where "God, please save my soul.", or something to that effect, was spray painted on the ground near the edge. We had heard that someone had hung themselves from the bridge a few years back, so we did our best to try and communicate with them.


We had several spikes on the EMF detector, and whatever it was that was causing it to spike wouldn't stay in one spot. I got to hold the K2 meter for a bit, and I got some interesting spikes on it. I gave it to a friend of mine and we started asking whoever was there if they wanted us to leave, and it spiked, so we decided to get outta' there. lol


We all drove to the Falls Hotel near downtown Marlin. That place just looks creepy at night. There were bullet holes in the windows, pigeons and their droppings on the higher floors, signs of vagrants, and the basement was flooded. It smelled awful everywhere you turned. Anyway, it was enough to give you the creeps, regardless of if you felt anything or not.


T.F.C. had already walked each floor as they were setting up their equipment, so we decided to check 'em out. Nathan from T.F.C. accompanied us on our venture. Each floor got nastier as we went up, and each one got equally spookier. We checked out room 301, where someone supposedly had killed themselves, and it gave me some pretty wicked vibes. When we reached the 7th floor, the group was starting to walk down the hallway, and my friend James and I were hanging back, trying to figure out why there was sand near the elevators.


Then all of a sudden the door to the stairway we had come through slammed shut. It didn't close completely, so whatever it was that slammed the door, also took the time to push it closed too! It scared the bejesus out of me. All I could manage to say was, "Oh monkey! Oh monkey!". Lmao We didn't hear any footsteps in the stairwell, and there was no wind near them. We tested the door to see what kind of force would close it. It was propped open on the bottom by a ceiling tile, or something, and it took me grabbing it and pulling it to get itself to shut. That doesn't explain why it not only slammed, but closed itself completely after that. Aside from the door closing, the only thing that startled me was the pigeons hiding in one of the rooms. lol


We're waiting for T.F.C. to review all of the video/voice evidence and get back with us. I'll keep y'all posted if they find anything interesting.:)


P.S. We'll keep you all posted on what we find.


Updates 4-20-2008.

It's up and running!! TFC now has a full line of shirts, caps, bags, mugs, etc. for sale on the Cafe Press site that feature all 4 TFC logos.

Come visit TFC's store on CafePress!

Also, the finishing touches are going into our new video which will be on youtube any day and look for updates after our 2 upcoming investigations in both Marlin and Marshall, TX.


Updates 3-15-2008.

They're here!!! Our 3 brand new logos are now on the team page. They are also on our my space page and you will now see 2 short videos with EVP's in them on our you tube page also. Check them all out!!


Updates 3-9-2008.

We have put 2 new pictures on the team page and you will also notice a new picture in the center box on the main page

In addition, you will notice on the �About Us� page that we have added a detailed explanation of where the term �Freakuency� came from and what it means


We have also officially changed our name to �The Final Crossing.� Our original name came from a very insensitive comment and we named ourselves after it as a joke. However, Reade, our technical manager, recently came up with the new name and we liked it. So, here we are as TFC yet with a totally new meaning.


We have 3 new logos for our team coming out very soon that feature Ace, the Orviss vault, and something that goes with our new name. You will see them soon on the website and on our all-new shirts.


We have been and still are vigorously investigating the Falls Hotel in Marlin, TX. We continue to have many bizarre occurrences in the ballroom and the basement. Thanks so much to Chris who owns The Falls Hotel for his kindness, patience, and sense of humor.


And finally, please remember to visit us on our my space page and be our friend. And we now have a you tube page also. There is as of yet no videos there but soon will be as we will be uploading our all-new video. Please visit us and �Give us a sign of your presence.�


Updates 2-17-2008.

Our seminar, cemetery tour, and ghost hunt went great! TFC partnered with Hammond House in Calvert, TX. and Austin Ghost Tours who brought a group down to Calvert on Saturday 2-16 for a 24 hour excursion of the town.

TFC met Austin Ghost Tours at 4 pm at Hammond House in Calvert. From then on we all had a blast which included dinner and the hospitality of our wonderful host, Cyndi King and her son, Montana. TFC took the spotlight from 6-7pm with a lecture on our group, history of Calvert, haunted places in Calvert, and concluded by a presentation of our evidence. TFC was also filmed that night for inclusion in a documentary set to come out in April tentatively titled, �24 Hours in Calvert.�


Despite the bad weather, TFC then led the group on a tour of the Calvert City Cemetery. The mood of the tour was greatly enhanced by the lightning and thunder of the looming storms and we also had the pleasure of having Ms. Gracia Thibodeaux, our historical consultant, provide the narrative.


Afterwards we all went via caravan to the site of the Orviss Vault and despite the weather our hardy and adventurous tour group forged onward and enjoyed the dark allure of the vault. Once there we performed a 30 minute investigation and allowed everyone to take pictures, ask questions about equipment, etc.


Needless to say, we have been asked to provide additional seminars and tours in the future and definitely plan to do so.


A big thanks goes out to Cyndi King of Hammond House, Montana, and everyone else there. We would also love to thank Jeanine of Austin Ghost Tours. Everyone was so cordial and nice to us!!!


And finally, in addition to the upcoming documentary, look for a soon forthcoming version of our video set to new music and including new members.


New email address 1-20-2008.

We have a new email address. Send your investigation requests or general inquiries to the "Contact Us" address: freakuency@live.com.

Other updates include a new and updated flash introduction to the website which you will see come online over the next few days. Our flash introduction has been down for several days while being revamped.


Also, on our EVP page you will notice 4 brand new EVP's from the Orviss Vault and also from a cemetery that TFC has found to be very active since we began investigating it recently. This cemetery is in a remote area and contains in it the graves of several "Buffalo Soldiers." While we have several EVP's from there, we have included only the most clear ones as we continue to try to enhance the others. We plan to continue to focus our efforts on this location in the near future.


And for all of you "Website Watchdogs," you will notice new and updated team pics as well as a few new ones on the gallery page.


And finally, TFC will be hosting and lecturing at an event in February set up by and for a well-known ghost tours company. More information will be posted at a later date so stay tuned.


Site updates 12/26/2007.

Check out our latest EVP. This is the one mentioned in the previous news update that was collected on 12-8-07 at the Orviss Vault. This clip is in the Video section due to the fact that the sound came out much better on the video than the audio recorder. More are on the way.

Also, notice that our Investigations section is now titled, "The Xterra Files" in the spirit of the X Files TV show and our mascot Xterra.


Site updates 12/24/2007.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From TFC!!

TFC has been kicking back and visiting only old standby locations over the holidays. This includes lots of visits to our famous Orviss Vault. This is due to the fact that we have noticed that the vault is extremely hot in terms of paranormal activity over the holidays and it has proven VERY true this year.

Soon you will be seeing new updates with EVP�s from December 8th and December 22nd from the Orviss Vault . Both of these days proved very fruitful with 3 original members (inactive for a while) returning to ghost hunt with us on 12-8. We observed that the presence of the 3 members (Trish, Roseanne, and Jennifer) seemed to greatly amplify the activity on the night of 12-8. On the night of 12-8 alone with them present, we collected 4 or 5 EVP�s in one recording session of 37 minutes. These 3 members will continue to hunt with us in the future as their schedules permit.

On 12-22, we took out a new member to the vault. While the video camera caught nothing over by the vault, the digital recorder planted 20 feet away in a burial plot (where our famous �Children Left� EVP was collected) caught something very interesting in response to something Casey asks. This will also soon be posted.

In addition, visits to 2 old cemetery and ghost town sites have yielded lots of shadow figures, creepy dancing ghost lights, and hearing ghostly music.

Also look for a soon forthcoming section under investigations on Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This, while not an actual investigation, will be included because it is so fascinating and has twice been the vacation destination of Casey and Reade.

A big hello and welcome goes out to Nathan Eppers of Bryan, TX. who is joining TFC. Nathan is married with 2 young daughters and works in the construction/maintenance field.

Finally, the site will soon be updated to reflect recent member reorganization. You will soon notice a new and updated flash introduction, new pictures, and for those of you who are wondering where our video went, you will see a new and forthcoming version of it with an exciting new song.


Site updates 11/7/2007.

Check out 4 exciting new EVP'S on our EVP page.


Site updates 10/30/2007.

Happy Halloween From TFC! Look for our latest article in the current issue of "The Press" local news magazine. Or take a look at this scanned image of the article.


Site updates 8/24/2007.

Update. Look for TFC on Saturday, September, 15th, 2007 in Dallas at Metroplex Paranormal's 2007 Paranormal Conference.


The following is Angel's chronicle of our 8-4-07 investigation and return to the historic Falls Hotel in Marlin, TX.


Casey, Christine and Angel meet Kim at the hotel at around 7:15 PM. We conduct a brief business meeting to make sure that each member has all updated information and instructions about this case and general business as well as upcoming cases.

We go to the restaurant next door to the hotel, order dinner, and take it across the street to a pagoda which is in a small park like area. We eat dinner and decide to drive by the private residential home that we had investigated on a previous trip to Marlin

Next we go back to the Falls Hotel to meet with the owner of the hotel. He sends one of his work-hands to open the hotel for us and to wait with us until all of our equipment was in the lobby. The man left explaining that two other work-hands did reside on the second floor, but they (the residents) would be made aware that we would be investigating throughout the entire hotel except for the rooms they were living in. They would not be intruding on our investigation and we would be respectful of their living area and try not to disrupt their privacy.

The owner of the building was kind enough to give us access to all floors and all unlocked rooms. This structure is quite large holding seven stories and then a roof top area that we were able to access. It also houses the ballroom, lobby, a salon, a basement and fall-out shelter that is located in the basement. The salon is a working salon and is owned and managed by a personal friend of Casey. On this investigation we decided NOT to investigate the basement due to time restraints and the fact that we had made the basement our focus of the last investigation of this building one month earlier

We decide to make the ballroom our command central and start setting up our DVR and night vision surveillance cameras. Kim and Christine set up two cameras in the ballroom while Casey and Angel place two cameras on the second floor facing away from the residential area of the work-hands. It is very hot and dusty and Angel starts having a mild asthmatic/allergy episode (caused most likely by the dust) so returns to the ballroom to get her inhaler. We had turned on the AC in order to cool off a bit before traveling up eight flights of stairs with equipment in hand.


We gather video and audio equipment as well as infrared thermometer and the K-2 EMF meter and make our way upstairs. We do not investigate the second floor (except for the surveillance cameras) out of respect for the residents. We go on up to the third floor where we immediately started witnessing activity. There seemed to be some uneasiness among the team members as we went through rooms and started asking questions in hopes of gathering EVPs. The K-2 started spiking almost immediately. Within the first 2 minutes that we were on the third floor we were able to gather some EVP�s from this floor. We are at the end of the hallway that contains the stairwell to the second floor when we hear from outside the AC unit running in the ballroom. Casey goes back down to the ballroom to turn the AC off so that any evidence gathered on the audio recorder would be useable and not contaminated by the noise of the AC unit.


While Casey was downstairs in the ballroom Kim, Christine and Angel make their way through two rooms. These rooms were indeed very spooky with both connecting to each other by a common door. The bathrooms in either room would remind one of a famous murder scene in the movie �Psycho�. Creepy indeed and more than a little unnerving.


We meet Casey back in the hallway as she returns from her journey downstairs. We continue to investigate several rooms on this floor when something touches Kim. We were not able to get anything on video, but it was an interesting personal experience to say the least. Something seemed to have pushed an audio recorder that one of the other team members was holding as well. Again we were getting spikes on the EMF meter as well as possible EVPs.


We go up the stairs to the next floor (4th) and immediately start hearing a man�s moan and someone walking on the stairs. We were not able to discern whether it was coming down from the 5th floor or coming up from the 3rd floor. When we get back on the stairs it suddenly stops. Weird? You bet! During this time the K-2 was lighting up like Christmas, and we heard whispers and gathered on audio some possible EVP�s. Then we heard what sounded like an animal. It didn�t sound threatening at the time, but we were unsure of exactly what kind of animal territory we may possibly be invading. Kim sees it first and then Casey. It was a terrified little pigeon. We step back a few steps so as not to frighten the bird and to let it calm down and not feel threatened by us. We go in a couple of more rooms on this floor and decide to go on up to the 5th floor.


When we reach the 5th floor, the team comes to a mutual agreement that Mexican food is probably not the best choice of food to eat before investigating a structure of this magnitude that only has working restrooms on the 1st floor. A few undisclosed humorous incidents started occurring among two of the members at this time. This member will not go into further detail as we got most of this on audio. As funny as this was at the time, we still had an investigation to do, so laughter aside, the investigation continued.


We entered a couple of rooms on this floor as Casey and Kim are telling Christine and Angel about a room that appeared to have had the door smashed in by an ax. We were about midway down the hallway when we encountered another pigeon and an excessive amount of pigeon poop on the floor. We surmise that we would either have to walk through the mess, as there was no way to bypass it, or turn around. We decided to turn around and go on up to the 6th floor instead of taking an unhealthy chance of walking through pigeon doo


Up the stairs we go, out of breath and very sweaty. We come to the 6th floor and open the entrance door to the hallway to see a dead pigeon lying on the floor. We close the door and go on up to the 7th floor for obvious health and safety reasons.

We managed to get down this last flight of stairs to come to more equipment and finally a doorway on the right hand side of the stairs. We open the door to find ourselves on the shorter rooftop area and to some much needed fresh air. We go out onto the rooftop and hang out for a bit. From our vantage point we found that we were as high as the town�s water tower and could see the whole town. Suddenly we hear several loud bangs coming from inside of the doorway that we had just come through. I can tell you that it was quite unnerving to find yourself on the roof of a seven story hotel, and knowing you have been followed by something, and knowing the only way down is back through the area where the banging was coming from. When we went back to the doorway, the banging stopped, so we decided that this would be a good time to head back down to the ground floor to check our recording devices in the ballroom. Our journey back down the stairs to the first floor was relatively uneventful.


We manage to make it back to the ballroom to start breaking down equipment when we hear some bangs coming from some eery rooms off of the ballroom. Kim and Christine check out these rooms while Angel mans Command Central. Kim and Christine find nothing out of place, or why these bangs would be coming from these rooms. Hmm. . . wonder what could be making those bangs. . . .Guess we will never be certain.


At this time we are still going over audio and video recordings of this investigation. Results will be posted at a later date. Overall, we had a great time and hope to go back. Each of the team members had more than a few personal experiences, and we have high hopes of having the audio and video evidence to validate our experiences.


Anyway, keep your eye on us. We should be hitting the newspapers again soon. And remember..if you have a sighting of a strange black Nissan Xterra in your neck of the woods, it just might be TFC. Until then, keep it spooky!!


Site updates 7/27/2007.

On 7-14-07 we went to and stayed at the Von Minden Hotel in Schulenburg Texas. We had a blast. The owners, the Petits, were very accommodating and we felt very welcome. They even went out of their way to help us with equipment problems! I want to say a special THANK YOU to Britney, granddaughter of owner Bill Petit, who stayed up till the crack of dawn so that we could continue our investigation. If you would like to check out the Von Minden they have a myspace!

So far we have gotten one EVP for sure and are analyzing others. We were able to set up the DVR system in the old theater but were unable to declare anything paranormal from what we picked up in there. In addition, our EMF meter went crazy many times and many times we heard noises, talking, and whispering coming from vacant rooms on otherwise vacant floors there. Each time we checked this out and found that each room was indeed vacant.

Although no definitive video was collected, we had many bizarre experiences in a historic place virtually frozen in time.

On 6-23-07 we were in Marlin, TX. at the historic Falls Hotel. There we had a member touched on the shoulder while in the basement. This happened while she was walking with no one �living� behind her and a wet handprint was seen and filmed on video on her shoulder. Creepy!

Then TFC investigated or rather �attempted to investigate� an undisclosed private residence. We will be returning again to Marlin soon because security problems thwarted our attempts to leave the DVR in the home. This was due to the fact that the home was unsecured due to being in the process of a remodel job and not safe to leave expensive equipment in.

The following are excerpts from the home�s anonymous owner concerning events occurring in the home��

�I cannot keep that closet locked with a deadbolt. Every other day, or during the day, that closet door is unlocked and the light in the closet is on. I have blamed everyone for being careless and not locking the closet, including myself...but to no avail. We know there has to be another explanation. I have heard someone belching loudly in the kitchen and had a witness with me. I have heard foot steps like a child running across the floor or an intruder in the porch bedroom. I have not seen or felt anything. However, others have seen passing feet or felt something.�

We are currently going stronger than ever with the tightest crew ever!! Other news tidbits include a big congratulations to Angel Crawford who has now been bumped up to Case Manager. Also, look forward to the upcoming debut of our long-awaited music video combining the original music of our very own Jordan Grubb with video of TFC members in action.


Site updates 6/5/2007.

On May 26th-May 28th, TFC ventured up to and stayed in Lawton and Cache, OK to investigate with Brenda and Jim Twofeathers and Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers (SWOGC). We did an amazing investigation in Cache, OK of a ghost town. This location is owned and operated by a gentleman who is actually 100 years old.

On the grounds where we were are the remains of an old amusement park that reportedly operated from 1958-1972. Said to have performed there in its heyday were legendary acts such as Brenda Lee and Reba McIntyre. This old park is spooky enough in itself but it is only enhanced by what lies just next to it.

The gentleman who owns the location has created a ghost town of sorts right there in Cache, OK. On the grounds he has bought and placed an old Buffalo Soldiers barracks, an old ranger station, a Native American school, general store, church, and to enhance things, the actual home of the legendary Frank James, and Star House, which is the former home of the last great Comanche chief, Quanah Parker. If you are unfamiliar with the history of Quanah Parker and his mother, Cynthia Ann, I would highly recommend that you do a little research into his life. It is phenomenal! The house was occupied by Quanah, his three wives, and many children, until Quanah passed away in 1911. The actual bed he died in is still housed within the Star House.

The elderly gentleman was kind enough to grant us a tour there. We were informed of and sadly encountered signs of vandalism there along with graffiti of an anti-Native American nature. Although appalled at the ignorance that we saw, we had a great time. All of our team members had several spooky occurrences and we have also collected a couple of EVP�s.

Sadly our stay there was cut short due to factors beyond our control. However, we had a great time there investigating with Brenda and Jim Twofeathers and SWOGC and we wanna go back!!

You will soon see pictures and further information on this amazing piece of history in our investigations section.


Site updates 4/19/2007.

Greetings! Here is our latest installment of some long overdue news.

Please notice our brand spankin� new, totally reworked flash intro. Thanks to the guys at Brazos Valley Web Design/Web Unlimited of College Station, Texas, for their skilled and efficient work. We would recommend them hands down to anyone needing web design work! Check their link on our links page.

A big welcome goes out to Jordan Grubb, who just joined TFC in March 2007. You will soon see his original music featured on our site.

On March 10th and 11th 2007 we ventured east to Jefferson, Texas for a paranormal conference. We all stayed at the haunted Jefferson Hotel in downtown Jefferson. The hotel itself is trapped in time. It is a beautiful place to stay unless.......the walls in your room sweat or it's like an oven in there . One of our members had a room at the end of the hall, number 11. We don't know much about this room but we do know that when we left the heater which was set to 70, the room remained around 50 to 55. We later came back and turned the heater off since it seemingly wasn�t producing the desired effect. After being in the hallway for about 5 minutes or so, we returned to find the walls sweating and the room still cold as ever. This in my opinion was very interesting.

We spent most of our Saturday at the conference where we met some very cool people. Carl and his crew from DFW was there and whom some of our members already knew. All the people from LA Spirits gave us a laugh and the girls from OKPRI were just the coolest.

Later that night we had a chance to spend some time in the Oakwood Cemetery where Diamond Bessie is buried amongst many other historical figures. A lot of weird things happened to different members. Two of us followed a conversation that seemed to move when there was no one out there but us. Also, all of our members were accounted for. Several of us also saw a shadow that seemed to follow certain people everywhere. We had a scare when we saw eyes glowing off in the distance. Turned out to be deer but it scared all of us a bit. This was not because we were afraid of anything paranormal but more worried about something BIG...HARRY and WITH TEETH or of the Sasquatch family. Our audio and video proved unremarkable this time around. All in all, we met a wonderful bunch of ghost hunters and had lots of fun.

On March 17 2007 our team did an investigation at an old 18?? saloon. Upon arriving we noticed the building itself was frozen in time. Most of the inside was as it was in the old days. We all took an initial tour. We were not told much about this place before going. As we went upstairs several of our members noticed the air was thin and it made them a little dizzy as well as noticing cold spots.

After setting up our equipment we were all sitting around trying to decide if we wanted to stay or go and let the audio and video run. In the front corner of the building on a large wooden desk was a lamp we had all seen when we arrived. All of a sudden it turned on all by itself. EVERY member of our crew was accounted for. True to our nature as good ghost hunters we instantly set out to debunk it. Sadly we were able to. The owner of this building had the lamp plugged into an automatic timer so that it would come on at night possibly as a way to ward off anyone who might think of trying to get in. Yes it was sad we had all hoped it was paranormal.

As for the location itself there are several stories of several murders and lots of debauchery there, namely due to it having at one time been a brothel. None of these stories we can verify at this time. All the audio we collected was contaminated due to the position of the building on a very busy highway main street which made it very noisy and hard to distinguish normal from paranormal. The video did not reveal anything that would stand up in court. However, it was very interesting, creepy, and we would love to return.

In summation, you all know that we cannot force our trusty spirits to haunt on command and it frequently takes several visits to even get them warmed up.


Site updates 3/4/2007.

Check out our new "Our Stories" section. Also, starting immediately, TFC will be writing up investigation logs after each outing. Check out the following log from 2/24/2007 written by Angel. We hope to see you in Jefferson, Texas on March 10th where we will be attending the 2007 Jefferson Paranormal Conference. Stay tuned for our next update/investigation log from the upcoming conference weekend. See you there!

Investigation: Saturday, February 24-25, 2007

Time: Investigations started around 8:30 PM
Weather Conditions: Cold and clear with clouds covering late in the evening. The ground was still slightly muddy in areas due to recent rains earlier in the week.

The Players:

Casey-Lead Investigator/ Designated Driver
Kim-Co-Lead Investigator/ Front Passenger or "Co-Pilot"
Christine-Field Investigator / Left-Hand Backseat Passenger
Angel-Field Investigator/ Self proclaimed "CYP" Investigator/ Right-Hand Backseat Passenger
Ace-The faithful Xterra that we take out on investigations. Considered a team member because of role it plays in our investigations.

Areas of Investigation(s):

1. A creepy old wooden bridge near the area of an old plantation where past owners have been rumored to have beaten, burned, and murdered slaves. A possible "Orb" was captured on film at this location.
2. A local convenience store where we stock up on drinks, snacks, and fuel. This is our usual area where we do our restroom breaks and Casey disturbs the customers by playing around and making obscene noises. I have included this as an "area of investigation" as it usually takes us a little time to "investigate" the facilities to see how much hate and discontent among the customers we can cause. Joking of course...well sort of. This store closes early (10:00 PM).
3. A very scary cemetery, Cemetery #1 (Name withheld at caretaker's request) where Kim and Angel were witnesses to a very bizarre and creepy experience. As much as we experienced at this location, nothing was caught on film or audio.
4. Another convenience store located near the town of most of our standard areas of investigations. This store stays open late, and is included in this report because of our experience there on the above mentioned date. This store had one lone female employee working on the night we visited.
5. Cemetery #2 (Name withheld at caretaker's request) cemetery where all members present had interesting experiences and EVPs were captured on tape.

Let the Investigations Begin!!!

I. The Bridge of Death:

After meeting at Casey's house and going over a previous investigation, we head out to our first investigation. Casey gives a general background of what had happened in this area as we come up to a very old, wooden bridge that had huge iron railings that go up at least 25-30 feet from the floor of the bridge. The road leading to this bridge and beyond to a plantation where slaves were reportedly beaten, burned, and murdered, was indeed an eerie dirt road. When you first access this road, everything seems peaceful and "normal" as far as country living goes. The further you proceed down this road, the more you notice that trees, brush, grass, shrubs and other things are dead.

This seemed very unusual as there was so much life in the area less than a mile from where we were to stop at the bridge. Going down this road you also notice that trees seem to randomly fall across the road, nearly blocking the path in areas and sometimes blocking it completely; it appears to swallow you with the deadness and silence the closer you get to the bridge. Just beyond the bridge, is where the plantation begins. Coming up to the bridge, Casey tells the team members that this particular bridge really creeps her out when she crosses it, as it sways and shakes when your vehicle comes to the middle of the bridge. We did notice some broken boards, but the bridge looked to be traveled recently, so the members of this team convinced Casey to drive across.

Casey stopped on the bridge so that Angel was able to stick a camera out of the window and snapped some random photos. One photo in particular seems to have captured an orb. Could this be the energy of the spirit of a murdered slave trying to escape the wrath of a plantation owner? Makes one wonder doesn't it?

So, we make it across the bridge, and find a place to turn around, as the new owners of the plantation have been known to shoot at people whom they have not invited onto their land. I must say, that the ride back across this bridge was somewhat scarier than the one entering onto it the first time, as one feels their body being drained, and your mind begins to wonder if you will be able to get out of this death that seems to consume even the nature around you. You literally feel that you are dying and need to get out of there quickly or you will become one with what inhabits this place.

Once you cross the bridge (coming out of the plantation) you see the road start to open up, trees seem to start thriving, and your body seems to get a little stronger with each passing inch, and you feel alive once again. This investigator would like to return to this area so that I could take photos in the daytime to show the difference of the land (alive; then suddenly dead) to show that the above story does not exaggerate because of my imagination. This will be a mission to follow up on.

II. Fuel and Fill:

We have a particular convenience store that we stop at every time we are in that area going out on investigations. This store is our usual Fuel and Fill stop where we fuel up "Ace" and get drinks and snacks to sustain us through the investigations. This is also the place where Casey engages in her prankster ritual of going to the restroom and making obscene noises loud enough for everyone in the entire store to hear her. She does this for a few minutes, then makes the toilet flush, (sometimes twice), and comes out of the restroom like nothing happened.

Of course, customers and staff of this store are looking at her trying to keep their composure. It is quite funny to watch someone trying not to be rude by laughing, and struggling to maintain a "poker-face". The other team members are not quite as successful in maintaining their poker faces, however, and enjoy a laugh at Casey's expense. This little break in our investigations seems to give us the energy we need to carry on the seriousness of most of our "hunts". Laughing tends to break up the "drained" feeling you get when you leave a place where death seems to overtake your spirit. You have to replenish yourself before you can take on another adrenaline rush of "Hunting for the Paranormal".

III. Shadow Man/Cemetery #1:

We head out to another location that the newest members (Christine and Angel) had not been to as of yet. This would be a very eerie cemetery where Kim and Angel had a very bizarre experience that neither will soon forget.

We started by driving down yet another creepy gravel road, where it seems as though death surrounds you, and almost consumes you. This is the type of place that you see in horror films, where cars stall, and a stranger comes to help�or does he/it? More likely he/it comes to put you and your friends through unimaginable torture, before killing all but the lone survivor. Anyway, the place was just creepy.

Casey decides that we should go nearly to the end of this road and turn around so that we may enter the cemetery from a vantage point that would keep us mostly hidden from houses nearby. Let me make one thing clear before I continue: We have permission to be in these cemeteries, and other locations where we investigate. We like to keep a low profile however, as we do not want others to come to us to find out what we are doing, possibly destroy the entire investigation, or call officials that would take up valuable time in explaining that we do have permission, and we are allowed to be there, and�well, as you see, it is largely a waste of time to have a live audience. This also covers our team, as we don't want to be blamed for desecration of graves, when we are very careful not to disturb anything while out on an investigation. To summarize, we have many investigations ruined due to nosey people.

So we are driving to our "turn-around" spot, when something very large runs across the road and jumps the fence. This gave us quite a start, but after deliberation, we decided that most likely it was a deer. So, we turn around and start heading to the entrance of what we thought was our next destination�the cemetery. We are coming up along the side portion of the cemetery when Kim says she sees something. Angel rolls down her window in hopes to get a glimpse of what Kim apparently sees, when she (Angel) gasps "Oh my God! What is that thing?" The thing we both see appears to be a very large male figure/shadow running as fast as our vehicle was going. He stands upright well over 6' and is a dark grayish color, and he is looking at us! After Casey stops the vehicle, he/it appears to stand there looking at us as we are looking at him/it. Angel grabs her camera and holds her arm out of the window in hopes to get a picture of this thing, when something growls very low, and very ominous. The growl was loud enough that Kim and Angel both heard it above the engine of the Xterra we were in (Ace). Kim orders Casey to "Go! GO! GO!"

Casey takes off, and this Shadow Man runs along the inside of the fence surrounding the cemetery, and actually keeps up with the speed of the vehicle. I ask Casey to stop and move the vehicle into a position that the headlights would beam over the area of the cemetery where Shadow Man was. We see nothing. We decide that we need to figure out if this was a figment of our imagination or not so we test the theory. We go back to where Kim and I see this thing, to make sure it is not just trees and tombstones making us think we see something that we actually do not. Neither of us sees anything that resembles what we had just witnessed moments before. Casey pulls up into the entrance of the cemetery and a very ominous presence seemed to overtake all four of us. We chose not to get out of the vehicle to investigate at this site, as nothing in this area felt as though it were safe enough to do so. We will go back at a later date to do a full investigation. However, sometimes you have to listen to your instincts.

Overall, I must say that this was the most fearful I have ever been from what appeared to be a shadow person. Every other shadow person I have ever encountered before (and I encounter them often in my own home) was more of a nuisance than a fear factor. Very, very creepy indeed. This is one experience that I will not soon forget. What do you think this could have been? What ever this was, it did not want to play nice.

IV. The Lone Cashier

After the Shadow Man experience we all needed a bathroom break, and a moment to calm down. We go to the nearest convenience store that is opened where we find a young woman working alone. We all go to the restroom, me being last, when she says that she is going out of the store to get the trash and if I needed anything to just "holler". I do my business, wash up, and start to exit the store, when a car drives up with two men occupying it. They appeared to be very drunk, so I go speak quietly to Casey. "Let's hang out for a bit to make sure this woman is going to be okay", I tell her. She replied that she got that same feeling, and was more than willing to hang out until these men left.

I don't know if my nerves were still on end from what I had just seen at the cemetery, but I couldn't have left that woman alone even if I knew my life would end right then and there. I feel as though we may have saved that woman a lot of misery and maybe her life by just hanging out for a few minutes longer than necessary, while we all pretended to stretch our legs. Like I said, this could have just been my nerves on end, but then again, the whole team seemed to feel the need to just hang around. ESP? Perhaps.

V. Cemetery # 2

This was another spooky cemetery. Our team witnessed lots of activity here. Three of our team members got whiffs of what smelled like dirt while sitting inside of the vehicle with all of the windows rolled up with the exception of Angel's window which was cracked about two inches because she was holding a micro-cassette recorder out the window in hopes to gather EVPs. All of the members witnessed flashes of lights or what may be considered "ghost lights" in different areas of the cemetery, as well as various sounds. Some of these sounds did show up on tape, but as these recordings have not been reviewed by the team, I can not say at this point that they are indeed EVPs, and if they will make it onto our website for the public to review.

There were several shadows witnessed by the team, as well as the EMF meter lighting up like a rainbow every time a question was asked; this was as if in response to the question being asked. According to the questions asked by the team, we were under the impression that any spirits that may have been gathered at this cemetery was not offended that we were there, (more curious if anything) and that these disembodied beings wanted to "�party with us..." as quoted from Kim.

There seemed to be a code of some sort with these spirits (if that is what they were), as the Meter would go to level 5, stop, level 6, stop, and level 8, stop. 5-6-8. It would go into random readings from there then start with the 5-6-8 again. Casey was giving us a history of some of the graves when Christine may have figured out the 5-6-8 code. I will tell you why:

Right there in front of us was a multiple gravesite from the same family�8 babies lined up in a row. Immediately at the foot of these graves were a series of 6 babies lined up in a row�okay, there should now be a row of 5 babies if this theory is correct. We never found out, as something started coming at us from the brush and woods nearby. Time to get the heck out of there. We would rather not end up being panther food or trampled by wild hogs or attacked by wild dogs. Whatever it was, we didn't want to be mutilated, so we decided we would find out if the 5 existed on another day.


This was one wild ride that I will remember for a long, long time. People may not believe what happened on this night and that is okay. I need skepticism in order to prove these things to myself. If these things can be ruled out with logic or science then so be it. That is why I am going to continue to do paranormal research. I know there are things that I cannot explain, but I need to rule out all possibilities before I am convinced that I have truly been in the presence of paranormal activity. I do not consider myself a skeptic by any means of the term, but I do need hard evidence to back up what I experience.

Angel Crawford-CYP/Field Investigator

Note: Investigations mentioned in this report took place on the night of Saturday, February 24, 2007. All people, places, and occurrences are real, and not a work of fiction. The histories of locations are real, and mentioned according to what was told to me. I have not checked the public records myself, but am going on what the team has been able to obtain through public records and public knowledge of these said locations.


Site updates to close an eventful 2006.

Notice the change to our new acronym, TFC. Please refer to us as TFC Paranormal Research Team from now on.

Congratulations to new members, Angel and Christine, who went out with us for the first time on 12-16-06. We all had a blast and they both fit in perfectly. Here's a big "CYP" going out to my new girls, Angel and Christine!! You know what it means!!

Please notice our new and updated b&w pics on the site shot by Richard Harrison of DiPics photographics of Bryan, TX. These were shot with permission at the Orviss vault, our famous hotspot.

We investigated Thanksgiving weekend and again on 12-16. Thanksgiving weekend we investigated the Falls Hotel in Marlin, TX. again. This multi-story mammoth is a huge and daunting task and we still feel underequipped to fully cover this spot. During this investigation we were accompanied by Jim of Twofeathers fame and although we had a blast we were plagued by equipment failures. While we did have a plethora of personal experiences and loads of fun and laughs, evidence collected did not prove to be worthy to "stand up in court."

Lately we have visited our old standby locations and while we have some investigations coming up of some new places we have only concentrated recently on our usual (pardon the pun) "haunts." We continue to have lots of personal experiences everywhere we go and to collect EVP's. However, audio transfer and enhancement issues frequently make some sound bytes hard to hear when transferred thus keeping some evidence off the website. Plus, if we're not pretty sure of the piece of evidence, then it does not make the cut to our website.

And finally, Santa did not bring me (Casey) what I asked for for Christmas which was one of those $15,000 FLIR thermal imaging cameras. I guess I was a bad girl this last year. Of course TFC already knew that. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone from TFC and we wish you all Happy Ghosthunting in 2007!!


Major site updates 11-18-2006.

We have made major updates and are still in the process of more. Please keep checking back frequently but for now please check out the Investigations section, FAQ, the Gallery, and the Videos section, and check out The Children Left, TFC's first short story, added to this section. This story has been submitted for inclusion into an upcoming book on Texas ghost hunting. It chronicles the November 2004 experience of 3 TFC members out at an abandoned burial vault where an extraordinary paranormal experience occurred and a class A EVP was collected.

The Children Left

Late on a November evening in 2004 three members of our team, TFC Paranormal Research Team, set out to examine a location in Calvert, TX, the hometown of our lead investigator. Present on this investigation were TFC members Tricia, EMF Specialist, Roseanna, Videographer, and Casey, Lead Investigator and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) Specialist. This evening was early in our history as an official paranormal group and we were eager to visit a location very well-known to Casey and the townspeople of Calvert as a mysterious and creepy place to visit.

To give a bit of background on this location, this location is that of an old circa 1880's burial vault in the woods across the road from the Calvert High School and in the woods directly behind the Jewish Cemetery. This mausoleum houses the remains of a D. A. Orviss and his wife Louisa Bush Orviss. Although we do not know much about the Orviss family, we do know that Mr. Orviss was at one time a Mississippi river boat captain who later lived and died in the Calvert area where he owned much land and operated a dry goods store called D. A. Orviss and Company. It is said that the Orviss' had no children.

This elaborate mausoleum, which is nestled in the woods and hidden from view until one is right upon it, is said to have been built back in it's day for a cost of around twenty thousand dollars. The mausoleum still stands to this day surrounded by an iron fence but sadly has suffered many years of neglect and vandalism. One window on it's left side has been bashed open and the locals report that many years back someone broke in, bashed open the coffins, and stole the jewelry, bones, etc. of it's occupants.

One may peer through the window and see two adult sized metal coffins, the kind with windows over the decedent's face and fancy metal carrying bars down each side. The coffins are thrown about from acts of vandalism. Most important and puzzling is the fact that the Orviss' were said to have had no children yet there are two children's coffins in the mausoleum with them. One is an elaborate metal coffin and the other is a wooden coffin.

Lead investigator Casey remembered the place from childhood in the 1980's as a popular place where the neighborhood kids would go on dares to get spooked out from seeing and hearing things. She also remembered seeing an exhumed children's metal coffin sitting out in the woods above ground for years. The very sight of this would send most of her agemates running away. However, back then no equipment was ever used to back up such claims of the paranormal and on this late evening in 2004 TFC sought to see for themselves.

Casey parked her SUV close to the cemetery and all 3 set out on this November evening with a camcorder operated by Roseanne, electromagnetic field meter and temperature gun operated by Tricia, and audio recorder operated by Casey. We three then proceeded through the woods to the vault and stood around till very close to dusk with Tricia taking readings, Roseanne filming, and Casey carrying the recorder around trying to elicit verbal responses by asking such questions as, "Are you here?", What is your name?"

After a while we three proceeded to a burial plot to the left of the mausoleum (as you are facing it). Casey guided us three in this direction because it was the location where she remembered seeing the child's coffin sitting above ground all those years. We continued to shoot video and to record. Casey walked into the burial plot and over by a large tree within the plot. As Roseanne stood back filming and Tricia stood close by, Casey comments that the tree has grown through the fence and that she feels a definite cold spot. Tricia verifies the cold spot with her equipment. Casey then walks a distance away from Tricia and Roseanne and makes a comment which is inspired by her memories of the desecrated child's grave and coffin she saw so many years ago. She says, "I'm speaking to the spirits of the children who are here. I'm speaking to the spirits of the children whose graves were desecrated here."

Inaudible at the time but very clear and caught on the microphone of Roseanne's camcorder but not Casey's recorder was a very clear and spooky child's voice in direct response to Casey's verbal prompt. When we were reviewing the evidence later at Casey's home, we all nearly had heart failure as we heard the amazing piece of paranormal evidence we had collected. A child's voice breaks through and clearly utters, "The children left."

We continue to frequent this location to this day and have caught much subsequent evidence yet nothing to this date as clear and compelling as this spooky and seemingly intelligent response to Casey's question on that cold November evening in 2004.

Submitted by TFC Paranormal Research Team, Bryan, TX. www.freakuency.org



More site updates 11-7-2006.

After a summer hiatus and a sparse schedule of recent investigations, TFC is back on track. We have recently been investigating the site of several Native American burial mounds in an undisclosed location in the Bremond, TX Area. This area is very active and we will be keeping you posted. In addition, in September we investigated a home in the Hearne, TX area. TFC partnered with Brenda and Jim Twofeathers for this one. This investigation went very well and was very special to Casey in that it involved the home of a childhood friend and allowed her the opportunity to make contact with the spirit of her friend's deceased father. As usual, Brenda and Jim were worth a goldmine and Brenda and Michele Snider did an excellent job meshing together with their psychic abilities.

We now have a My Space page courtesy of Case Manager, Michele Snider. We welcome her back to the group after a short hiatus. Please visit and be our friend and check out several recent additions to our website. Be patient with us. We have much to add and are doing so slowly and carefully. Particularly with our audio and video, the state of the art is rapidly improving, but this means, unfortunately, time-consuming info tracking to keep up.

Congratulations to members Jennifer Heath who delivered a baby boy, William Alexander, on 7-7-06, and to Tricia Campos-Brenner who delivered a baby girl, Alexandra Rose, on 10-10-06. All are doing well and dying to get back out on more investigations.

Although our Jefferson, TX trip did not occur due to scheduling conflicts and neither did the trip to Oaxaca, Mexico for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) due to violence and political unrest there as seen in recent international headlines, Casey and Reade did manage to go to Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Here is yet another pic of Casey posing in front of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS/Sci-Fi channel's Ghosthunters) headquarters in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Due to the TAPS crews' absence due to filming schedule, Casey failed yet again to meet them. However, she will keep dropping by and they will not elude her forever.

Salem and Boston, MA and all of New England were as lively and fascinating as always in their vigorous celebration of Halloween. Although no "official" investigations were done this time around, we will be including pics of several gravestones to better illustrate the fascinating artwork on these fascinating and ancient memorials to the dead. These are included as well as some pics of some colonial structures.

We have received several recent e-mail contacts/questions/inquiries and we encourage you all to continue to contact us with questions, leads, etc. We continue to look for and welcome new members.

TFC is back full force!!


More site updates 8-6-2006.

A big congratulations to Kim for her promotion to Co-Lead Investigator!

Stay tuned for many upcoming and exciting updates to the website, including an updated team picture, EVPs, gallery pics, and especially our new TFC comedic moments video section. Arin, beware!

Update: The cabin in Easterly has produced an interesting EVP as well as being a hotbed of strange occurrences corroborated with instruments.

TFC will be visiting Jefferson, Texas on October 13th-14th to perform many excursions in the area.


More site updates 5-29-2006.

A warm TFC welcome to new member Kim Grolemund! Also a warm welcome to Arin Lee who is rejoining our group as his work schedule now permits!

TFC is currently investigating an historic log cabin in the Easterly, Texas area. Two trips so far to this location have been very promising. For now we choose to focus our efforts upon this structure and post results as they become available.


Lots of general news 4-30-2006.

The Texas Paranormal Conference in Jefferson was a blast! Casey met authors Mitchel Whitington, and Olyve Hallmark Abbott along with many very engaging psychics, and fellow paranormal researchers! Thanks so much to Metroplex Paranormal for a wonderful conference! Great meeting with Brenda and Jim Twofeathers again, and looking forward to the next investigation whenever it may be! Casey stayed in the historic Jefferson Hotel and took the haunted walking tour, train tour, and bayou boat tour. It was great to see Marvelyn Cotropia and family, who ironically attended TFC's Lecture and Ghost Tour in Calvert in June of 2005! The results of Casey's investigation of the hotel are still being analyzed; verdict coming soon.

TFC is equally excited about the upcoming May 6, 2006 investigation of the historic Von Minden Hotel and Theatre in Schulenburg, Texas! Stay tuned for details, results, etc!

TFC has also conducted a preliminary investigation in the Easterly, Texas area of an historic log cabin which was the site of a 1900 suicide. We have only visited the site once, but plan to focus more time in the near future.

A preliminary investigation was conducted recently at the newly restored, historic La Salle Hotel in downtown, hometown Bryan, Texas. Although, no significant results were obtained, many interesting stories of paranormal activity keep TFC interested and planning on returning.

And finally, a warm TFC welcome to new member Wanda Roberson who now has several investigations to her credit! We are pleased at the continued emails and inquiries from individuals wishing to become members!


New email address 2-11-2006.

We have a new email address. Send your investigation requests or general inquiries to the "Contact Us" address: freakuencyparanormal@hotmail.com. Those of you in contact with Michele Snider, please continue to do so at the email address listed under her Bio.


Other news 2-10-2006.

We are worldwide! Our recent story in the Eagle went all over the world! Associated Press (AP) picked it up immediately, and it was recently featured in country on Western New York Paranormal's website. Casey, founder, was quoted in the discussion forum of the Profiling The Paranormal website. These are just a few. Additional sites seem to appear daily! Italy, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and all points NSE and W! We are pleased at these and the many other responses to our Eagle article! We are especially pleased at all of the recent public interest, including investigation pitches and several promising potential members.

The Texas Paranormal Conference in Jefferson is on! Please remember to purchase your tickets for this April 22, 2006 event.


We are the news!

Picture of the crew minus Roseanna in the Bryan/College Station Eagle article, also on theeagle.com, 1-22-2006. Picture courtesy of The Eagle/J.P. Beato III.


TFC investigates with Brenda & Jim Twofeathers and Metroplex Paranormal 1-6-2006.

Picture of the crew taken on 1-7-2006 with Brenda and Jim Twofeathers at Sterling Ghost Town Site courtesy of Metroplex Paranormal.

Partnering with Brenda & Jim Twofeathers and Metroplex Paranormal.

We are excited about this recent development...


The website is up and running 1-15-2006.

We are in the process of making additions and adjustments. Please bear with us during this process.