Old Fayette County Jail, La Grange, TX.

On April 25th and 26th of 2009, TFC ventured to La Grange, TX. to the old Fayette County Jail to do an all-nighter. This gothic structure pictured above was built in 1883 and bears a resemblance to a cathedral. The Old Fayette County Jail housed famous prisoners including Raymond Hamilton and Gene O’Darev who were members of the Bonnie and Clyde gang and the Widow Dach, who starved herself to death while imprisoned there. The jail also housed the famous Jim Flournoy who was the Fayette County sheriff at the time of the famous closing of the Chicken Ranch. The old jail closed in 1985 when a newer jail opened and rendered it obsolete and then sat vacant until renovation occurred in 1995 making it the new home of the La Grange Chamber of Commerce.

Investigation Results: Two TFC members felt touched in the basement, the chain and shackle in the display cell rattled on its own, and whispering and footsteps were heard. No video was collected that confirmed paranormal activity and the audio collected verified what we heard yet was too low of a frequency to be presented. We believe that activity is going on there but follow up is needed to confirm more.