Old Hearne High School/Hearne Junior High, Hearne, TX.

This is the old Hearne High/Junior High School building in Hearne.

Investigation Results: TFC was there in 12-15 and 1-16 just before this structure is slated to be torn down. While there we recorded an EVP that corrects one of the members as she says she hears 3 voices on the frequency scanning equipment and she is corrected by a voice that says in response to her saying “There are 3 voices.” The response says “No… there are 2.” TFC then planted a baseball upstairs only to find it downstairs in the auditorium way down the hall after we had all vacated the building for quite some time. A couple of members also saw and heard shadows and voices at the same time while in the same area looking opposite ways. And most bizarre was the fact that the founder’s initials were scrawled on a chalkboard upstairs in and abandoned classroom.