Oso Ghost Town Site and Pine Springs Cemetery, Fayette County, TX.

Oso, TX. Ghost Town Site History

The fate of the ghost town of Oso, TX. in Fayette County is one that is all too familiar. The town that was given the name of the Spanish word for bear was bypassed when the railroad came in and located at what is present day Flatonia, TX. The advent of the railroad seems to have been a definite “townkiller” back in those days. The town had 3 stores and a post office at one point and produced cotton and firewood. A school also operated there from 1858 to 1946 adjacent to the cemetery.

Investigation Results: TFC was there in the late afternoon on 6-23-12 and the only evidence we saw of the town was the sign for the school, the delapidated but well-hidden cemetery with the cedar-lined path and stone bridges leading up to it, and a New England style stone retaining wall type structure in a creek bed. We found it peaceful there and noted not only lots of children’s graves but also the fact that there seem to be no graves, that we saw, interred there past the 1880’s. Our expedition was more of a historical one but we would love to go back possibly at night if permission can be obtained. Sadly, signs of vandalism abound everywhere there which is very sad. This is a great find worthy of much more exploration in the future.