Field Investigator

I am Roseanna, paranormal investigator, (also known as Roseanne, Roxanne, Michelle). I am one of the original members of TFC. I now have a PhD in political science with a specialty in democratic constitutional design and I am also a registered nurse. My hobbies include traveling abroad (Europe and Latin America mostly), weight lifting, British history and folklore, movie watcher, shopping fiend, and writing.

I have long been fascinated by paranormal activity. Growing up my parents and friends used to have the best ghost stories about occurrences that happened to them when they were growing up. These included stories about hunting for the ghost of White Rock Lake, trips to New Orleans and Galveston and further sparked my interest in conducting paranormal research. A year or so before finding TFC, Trish, Casey, and I used to go out searching for paranormal activity and finally organized into a formal group in October 0f 2004.