Spring Creek Park, Tomball, TX.

Confederate Powder Mill, Tomball, TX.

Near Spring Creek in Tomball, TX. is the historical marker noting the explosion of a Confederate Powder Mill in 1864 (The marker mistakenly gives the date as 1863). Three men, William Bloecher, Adolf Hillegeist, and William Wunderlich, were killed in the explosion. This site is within a 114 acre county park and the monument commemorating this tragedy sits adjacent to a crater left by the force of the explosion. Part of this crater is now a retention pond.

Investigation Results: While there and followed by the Tomball Potpouri newspaper in October 2008, TFC had a radio that would respond each time a question was asked such as “Are you here?, What is your name?, Are you one of the ones who died here?” This went on for quite some time and each time seemed very deliberately in direct response to questioning. Other TFC members as well as members of a group who accompanied us called “Vast Eco Exploration” had strong psychic impressions. Shadows figures were also seen and EVP’s collected. However, the EVP’s collected were not presented b/c they ended up not being classified with certainty as actually being parnormal. TFC only had one evening there which went way too fast and we definitely plan to return, hopefully at night if allowed. We were not as lucky to have seen an apparition/apparition(s) of Confederate soldiers while we were there as some people have. See the details of this investigation in the original Tomball Potpouri article from 10-29-08 in out “Media Stories” section.