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Theories and Ponderings
By Brandon Placker
Case Manager

Sterling Silver and protection from the paranormal
It is a popular mythos that silver (the purer, the better) protects from the unseen and paranormal. Something I'd like to test when I have the materials and resources is the interaction of sterling silver and electromagnetic fields. I have pondered that it may be possible that silver may cause a reaction in the magnetic field to reduce its power or absorb the energy needed for spirits to manifest themselves. It is popular belief that spirits exist in these fields and use them to make their presence known in our world, and I wonder if they are unable to when the power of the field is dissipated or absorbed. This is only a theory I wish to test, I claim no proof for this to be fact.

Energy Drain
Having experienced energy drains of my own, I began to wonder the causes. I came to a conclusion that it is possible that a spirit that manifests through an electromagnetic can draw upon the electrical impulses that travel from the brain to the spine. A friend of mine who studies in the medical field has confirmed for me that the human body does experience lethargy and dizziness when electrical impulses the brain sends are mitigated. In my study and research I've noticed certain haunts cause a trend of emotions generated by those haunted, I ponder if the types of impulses the brain sends differ depending on the type of emotion generated causing spirits to manipulate the host to draw out the emotion it craves. This is a test I would like to perform when I have the materials available to me.

In my studies I've classified each spirit I've encountered and put them to a category of being. They are as follows....

Lost Souls - These wandering phenomena are what I consider the least harmless of spirits, merely a soul that cannot find its way. These spirits are normally nomadic and are not ones you'll likely see more than once. Or they are so attached to an area; their essence remains as residual energy trapped in a fixed space. They appear as harmless apparitions.

Fey - Impish spirits, mostly harmless. Likely to prank and make themselves known silently. These pranks appear as objects being misplaced. Doors opening wide open silently. Lights flickering.. These are signs of a fey. Not likely to want to cause anyone physical harm, they can cause headaches and possibly a nervous outbreak. Not something to be feared, a simple understanding may help to cease a haunting by a fey is to either offer it small shiny trinkets or coins, grow it a small garden, or burn incense/oils for it. If you feel it is undeserving of such friendship or it is one of the rare, malicious fey, hanging items made of cold iron over your doorways will ward it off.

Poltergeists - The 'noisy ghost'. This is the first of the categories that are likely to and will cause physical and visible harm. In my studies, I've learned poltergeists usually feed off of negative emotion, in most cases, fear, anger, angst, and hate. They will learn what buttons to press and push these buttons until you respond with the emotion they crave and build their energy. These are the spirits that will bang on doors and walls. Knock over objects while you look. Leave cuts and bruises on your body. A lot of the time, poltergeists are spirits connected to a person or area and will strive to drive others away leaving them to feed. Poltergeists can be seen as a pair of red or golden eyes or sometimes as shadow figures. Poltergeists can be driven away or lulled fairly easily, but the more energy they've built, the more of a feat it becomes.

Demons - A dangerous and malevolent spirit by nature. Demons are very similar to poltergeists. They actively seek out weak or unstable individuals and strive to dominate their host. I have met with those possessed by demonic presences and have even faced demons of my own. Demons feed off of the negative emotions of their host and will, like poltergeists, will influence and goad their host into expressing the emotion they craze. They strive to slowly eat away at the spirit of the host until it is broken and they can take full control, influencing all actions. A demon can be forced out with sheer will of the host. A demon who has settled in and become powerful will take more powerful means of exorcism, means of which cannot be achieved on the host's own.

There are many, many forms of spirits; these are the most common and ones I've had personal experiences with. I acknowledge my definition may differ from others, these are simple conclusions I've drawn from my studies and experience.