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Alone at the High School
By Casey Unger, MA, LPC
TFC Founder

In the summer of 1986 just after graduating from high school, I found myself helping out doing volunteer work with a theater company. It was called Texas Repertory and it was the brainchild of my mother and her best friend, Ron. At the time they were doing this play called "Bullshot Crummond" and were using the Calvert High School auditorium as their venue. In light of my ability as an artist I had been asked to paint the background scenery and was doing this very task the night this story took place.

My father and I were the only ones up at the school one night very late with me painting the set and him doing some construction work. In the midst of our work, he announced that he had left a tool that he needed at home. Since we were both up there in my truck, he said he would lock the door behind me, drive home to get the tool, and would be right back. I thought nothing of it in that we were locked in already and all of the classrooms were locked. I felt secure so I told him to take his time and he left and locked me in.

At the time the rumours of Calvert High being haunted did not even enter my mind and I was hard at work painting. I was in the dark auditorium with only a drop light illuminating my work area. Suddenly as I worked I heard a huge crash upstairs on the level with the balcony or mezzanine area. This startled and brought me to my feet as I had been kneeling down painting.

Immediately afterwards I began hearing a very distinct shuffling type walk that sounded like someone (or something) would take a step and then drag the other foot along. I stood squinting and fearfully eyeing the upstairs mezzanine door as I heard it get right to that point and stop. I strained to see who or what was there but could not see. I felt fear paralyze me as I stood there realizing that something or someone was standing there observing me under the cover of darkness. In that it sounded so real, I uttered aloud, "Who's there?" Stone cold silence came in response to my question and only amped up my fear. I then repeated my question with no response.

After standing there frozen in fear for what seemed like forever, I heard it start that shuffle, drag, shuffle drag gait again. It sounded like it was coming down the stairs. It was! My mind began racing and I went into fight or flight mode. "Think, think Casey!" I shouted mentally. I realized I was locked in with no way out. If I bolted out the auditorium door, then I would run right into whatever it was as the two staircases met right there close to the door out. Then if I managed to run into the hall I would still be trapped there in that all of the classrooms were locked. I heard it distinctly and steadily coming down the stairs from the mezzanine and soon it would be right at the door to the auditorium! Then it dawned on me...THE FIRE ESCAPE!!

Totally paralyzed by fear with eyes locked on the auditorium door, I somehow mustered the strength to began backing up towards the fire escape. That door was locked! I then ran over to an open window and saw a welcome sight which was the headlights of my truck coming around the corner and up the school driveway. It was my dad on his way back. Thank God! As I sat poised literally about to jump out the open window, he parked and got out of the truck. At the same time I was hearing whatever was stalking me stop right level with the auditorium door on my level! Frantically glancing back and forth I yelled down to my father to hurry that someone was in the school after me. With this, he ran to the door, unlocked it, and bolted up the stairs towards the auditorium. He came running into the auditorium, hit the lights, and saw no one.

He had a flashlight so we both did our own search. No one was there. With my mind still racing, I tried to reason through the whole thing. No one was there yet I heard them (or it) so clearly. Knowing that I was a no nonsense type girl even as a teenager, my father believed me and called the cops to come out and assist us in our search. They did so and with the same results as us, nothing. No living person/prowler was found there that night.

Years later, memories of that night back in the summer of 1986 still give me the willies. It sounded so real yet nothing "real" was found. In my mind, that kind of chalks it up to the "unreal" and I now find myself listening more attentively to those stories about Calvert High School.