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My Guardian
By Casey Unger, MA, LPC
TFC Founder

Throughout my childhood years growing up in our Victorian home in Calvert, TX., I was visited several times by one particular spirit. As a child I was frail and sick a lot and I would sleep alone in my antique bed in my own room. This room was adjacent to the room where my grandmother and great grandmother slept and both would periodically pop in during the night to check on me.

On particular night when I was around seven or eight years of age and ill at the time, I awakened to the very distinct feeling of someone sitting on the edge of my bed and a soft but cold hand caressing and brushing my hair back from my face. I lay there for a short while smiling in my sleep as it occurred to me that my grandmother was looking in on me. I then opened my eyes to the startling view of there being no one there. In disbelief, I immediately I called to my grandmother and she appeared a few seconds later in the dimly lit doorway and said, “Did you call me honey?” To this I responded, “It’s okay, it’s nothing. I just had a dream.” After she went back to bed, I sat for a few moments scanning the room in disbelief and then eventually chalked the whole experience up to being sick and drifted back off to sleep.

A couple of hours passed and I woke yet again from a deep sleep with a feeling of alarm that I was being watched. I sat straight up in bed and fixated my eyes upon the corner of the room just right of the foot of my bed. There in the corner of my room was an elderly lady wearing a dark colored robe like the one my grandmother walked around the house in at night. I could see her grey hair and the glint of the night light on her eye glasses. She was reaching out to me. I then uttered the pet name I had for my grandmother as I sat up and took notice. “G-Mother?” I timidly uttered.

As I sat for a few seconds looking at her awaiting a reply and getting none, the lady faded into thin air. In confusion and disbelief, I again called out to my grandmother and she again came into my room in response. This proved that it had definitely not been her I had seen and this time she stayed in there with me the rest of the night. I told her what I had seen but I believe that she dismissed the whole thing due to my illness.

While I did not feel threatened in any way that night, the experience left me with quite a quandary. The experiences did recur and continued for several years after that finally ceasing as I hit mid adolescence. Each time I would feel the cold but comforting touch upon my face and hair awaking to find no one living there and I would occasionally awake to see the kindly apparition watching me from the corner.

These experiences would each time seem to center around incidences of physical illness or mental distress on my part and each time it seemed to be the kindly figure’s intention to comfort me. I still find myself thinking of her each time I endure nightly illness or distress. Who was she? I will never know. I like to think of her as my childhood guardian.