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The Blue Orb
By Casey Unger, MA, LPC
TFC Founder

On a dark night in May 2009, group members Casey, Roseanne, and Trish bravely ventured out to Bell Bottom Bridge In Falls County. This location is a VERY remote spot near Marlin, TX. It is an unusually wide bridge on a dark, desolate cow trail of a road where one cannot even get cell phone reception..

This location is reportedly famous for sightings of bizarre orbs that are said to look like cells with nuclei in the middle of them. There have been many reports by many credible people of these orbs rising up from under Bell Bottom Bridge and even following/chasing vehicles. One such witness was observed to have his hands trembling as he related his story to TFC.

While I definitely respect and take to heart others' experiences, I for one do not believe in orbs, namely in photgraphs. This is because there are too many ways to create them by means of dust, bugs, etc., etc. But, with this in mind, I must say that if an orb ever chases my vehicle or me, I feel that it would totally revise my belief system.

As we 3 were driving along in my Xterra, Ace, with the usual level of apprehension that this desolate location creates, we started descending down a small hill. As I came over the hill, I stopped abruptly in response to finding that they had had lots of recent rain in Falls County. I sorely realized that we would have to go through an intimidating mudhole in order to get to the bridge which was right ahead AND Ace is not 4 wheel drive. To further complicate matters was the fact that we were basically already in severe danger of being stuck. There was also no cell reception.

In response, I nervously began a manuever I have become famous for..."The Catwalk Manuever." It is a way that I manuever and inch the truck back and forth, shifting gears furiously, in order to inch it around without hanging the wheels too far off the road. Growing up in Robertson County, TX. and having learned the hard way by getting stuck quite a few times, I taught myself this effective manuever.

While we were most vulnerable in the midst of this manuever with Trish in the back seat guiding me to make sure I did not get to far off the road and Roseanne riding shotgun in the front seat, I saw it. It was a very large blue orb floating down the center of the road towards the driver door of the vehicle!! It came very deliberately floating down the center of the road and disappeared as it got right up to the vehicle.

In the process of it nearing us, I panicked and did not say anything as I hoped the girls did not see it. My shifting became very frantic as I finally managed to get the truck turned around facing the direction of the orb (in that this was the only way out) and gunned the engine up the hill.

Going up the hill, Ace labored and began bogging down. We fishtailed and were throwing mud all over the place yet eventually, with some fancy manuevering, we miraculously gained traction, got over the hill, and sped out of there like a bat out of Hell.

As I was speeding along with adrenalin pumping and simultaneously trying to collect my thoughts, Roseanne spoke up and frantically exclaimed "What the Hell was that?!" She proceeded to describe exactly what I'd seen. Trish had not seen it as she was spotting for me in the back seat.

We have discussed this many times yet have still not arrived at a logical explanation for this strange occurrence on that dark and desolate road. Needless to say, this was one orb that left quite an impression on me.