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The Cadillac
By Casey Unger, MA, LPC
TFC Founder

While not really paranormal per se, this story is very scary and it has taken me many years to put it on paper. Here goes....

It all took place on a steamy summer night in the early 80's in the small town of Calvert, TX. where I grew up. I was in my very early teens at the time and I had this friend, Larry, who was 8 or 9. Larry lived right behind me and he was like a little brother to me. On this day, we had been riding bikes all through the evening and into the night. Back in those days it was not a risk for kids to hang around and ride bikees after dark, or so we thought.

Larry and I would ride double on my Murray bike with a long banana seat. I would pedal and he would ride behind me. There was this side street that ran by both of our houses that would take you down a hill of sorts and down through this area where trees lined the street. At night this area was very dark due to the trees and it would give all of us kids a thrill. You could pedal real hard and then coast down this hill and through the scary, dark street real fast, so fast that you could practically coast around the whole block. This particular night we were doing this over and over having a blast screaming as we coasted throught the darkness and imagined all of the dreadful creepy things that might be watching us from the shadows. That was what gave it the thrill. Boy, little did we know.

As we coasted around the block we saw a car parked with lights off behind us in the opposite direction where we were headed. Then we heard the engine start up and it began following us. This was a car with an unusually loud exhaust much like either a glass pack muffler or no muffler. We did not think much of it since we had several teenage friends who drove who would frequently mess with us trying to scare us.

As we neared the corner, the car came right up behind us, lights off, and acted as if it was going to hit us from behind. I veered the bike into the ditch and the car whizzed on by. It was a light colored Cadillac, either gold or beige, with a black top. We wrote the whole thing off thinking once again that it was one of our friends. One particular friend whom we thought it was had a father who was a mechanic and he always had his son, our friend, running around in different cars running errands and doing things for him. To summarize, the car sped off yet we could still hear it cruising in the vicinity. We figured that as long as it left us alone we didn't care where it was.

Time passed and we kept making our rounds and having fun. After a while, we met the car again coming the opposite way as we rounded the block, still with the lights off and going real slow by us, and I will add, uncomfortably close to us. We could see one person driving in the car but could not see the them clearly, and being naive as we were, we still figured it was one of our friends messing with us.

As we passed the car and started around the block again, it suddenly and abruptly swung around in the four way intersection, lights off, and started after us. In disbelief after seeing this, I began frantically peddling trying to get back around the block and home. Larry and I were both panicking as I rounded the block with the car gaining on us. It then began speeding very deliberately right up behind us on the wrong side of the street for a car headed in its direction. Peddling furiously right up against the curb, I realized that the car was going to ram us. Reaching over behind me, I grabbed Larry by his shirt and threw him clear and up on the curb just as the car rammed me on the bike from behind.

It was as if time stood still and everything was like slow motion. I was knocked up in the air and as the whole incident was going down I could see the driver. He had dark hair but his face was shadowed. He had no shirt on, jeans, and then the most chilling part of all. As he was ramming me full force, he had his right hand on the wheel and his left hand callously dangling out the window holding a lit cigarette. Luckily I ended up flying up in the air and being thrown up onto the curb where Larry was. We both landed there in a sticker patch and would find out later that we had hit so hard we actually had sticker burs embedded flush in our skin.

As we reeled from the sheer trauma and shock of the incident, I managed to start running and grabbed Larry by his shirt and began dragging him to the bushes in the yard of a house where no one lived. As we were scrambling into the bushes, the car whipped around in the intersection and started heading back to finish the job. We managed to hide there in the bushes for what seemed like forever listening fearfully to the Cadillac driving back and forth and then eventually disappearing into the night.

When we finally managed to collect ourselves, we limped home dragging the mangled bike behind us and washed up with the garden hose in Larry's yard. The two of us were near hysterical but finally managed to calm ourselves. Larry's folks were gone to a dance and he had been staying with us. Being that his grandfather was abusive towards him and could not be reasoned with and my folks always seeming to turn things around on me, we vowed to keep quiet. Not only were we in a state of disbelief but we knew that it would come back on us if we told and our freedom would be restricted. So, we didn't tell anyone.

I still don't know what happened that night and it still seems surreal. To this day, I cannot ride a bike on the streets with traffic behind me and I still get chills when I hear certain loud exhausts on cars. Right about that time period, the serial Killer, Henry Lee Lucas, and his accomplice, Otis Toole, were both through the area. Like Henry, Otis was also a vicious killer and sexual predator who was alleged to have abducted and killed young Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh, creator of America's Most Wanted. Adam's head was later found in a ravine. There was also a young child abducted from her yard in Kosse, TX. not far from where this happened to us around about this same time and she has never been found. I have always wondered if Otis was doing some hunting that night and had targeted us, first aiming to incapacitate us, then to nab us.

Concerning my mention of Otis Toole in the above paragraph, I had long locked this incident away as just part of the weirdness of growing up in Robertson county and did not make the connection until seeing an episode of a program on TV that profiled serial killers. The program was discussing Lucas and Toole and where they had traveled during their murderous rampage, which I might add included the Robertson county area. What made me stand up and take notice real quick was the part where they flashed a picture of Otis Toole's car on my screen. It was a Cadillac just like the one that hit us, same paint scheme and all. They went on to mention how he had more than once used his car as a weapon against someone. When I saw the car, I went numb and felt chills all over my body. I honestly believe that it was the same car that viciously assaulted us on that steamy August night so many years ago.

While I will never know for sure exactly who attacked us, what I do know is that this event did happen and that it left an indelible mark upon both of us.