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The Children Left
By Casey Unger, MA, LPC
TFC Founder

Late on a November evening in 2004 three members of our team, TFC Paranormal Research Team, set out to examine a location in Calvert, TX, the hometown of our lead investigator. Present on this investigation were TFC members Tricia, EMF Specialist, Roseanna, Videographer, and Casey, Lead Investigator and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) Specialist. This evening was early in our history as an official paranormal group and we were eager to visit a location very well-known to Casey and the townspeople of Calvert as a mysterious and creepy place to visit.

To give a bit of background on this location, this location is that of an old circa 1880's burial vault in the woods across the road from the Calvert High School and in the woods directly behind the Jewish Cemetery. This mausoleum houses the remains of a D. A. Orviss and his wife Louisa Bush Orviss. Although we do not know much about the Orviss family, we do know that Mr. Orviss was at one time a Mississippi river boat captain who later lived and died in the Calvert area where he owned much land and operated a dry goods store called D. A. Orviss and Company. It is said that the Orviss' had no children.

This elaborate mausoleum, which is nestled in the woods and hidden from view until one is right upon it, is said to have been built back in it's day for a cost of around twenty thousand dollars. The mausoleum still stands to this day surrounded by an iron fence but sadly has suffered many years of neglect and vandalism. One window on it's left side has been bashed open and the locals report that many years back someone broke in, bashed open the coffins, and stole the jewelry, bones, etc. of it's occupants.

One may peer through the window and see two adult sized metal coffins, the kind with windows over the decedent's face and fancy metal carrying bars down each side. The coffins are thrown about from acts of vandalism. Most important and puzzling is the fact that the Orviss' were said to have had no children yet there are two children's coffins in the mausoleum with them. One is an elaborate metal coffin and the other is a wooden coffin.

Lead investigator Casey remembered the place from childhood in the 1980's as a popular place where the neighborhood kids would go on dares to get spooked out from seeing and hearing things. She also remembered seeing an exhumed children's metal coffin sitting out in the woods above ground for years. The very sight of this would send most of her agemates running away. However, back then no equipment was ever used to back up such claims of the paranormal and on this late evening in 2004 TFC sought to see for themselves.

Casey parked her SUV close to the cemetery and all 3 set out on this November evening with a camcorder operated by Roseanne, electromagnetic field meter and temperature gun operated by Tricia, and audio recorder operated by Casey. We three then proceeded through the woods to the vault and stood around till very close to dusk with Tricia taking readings, Roseanne filming, and Casey carrying the recorder around trying to elicit verbal responses by asking such questions as, "Are you here?", What is your name?"

After a while we three proceeded to a burial plot to the left of the mausoleum (as you are facing it). Casey guided us three in this direction because it was the location where she remembered seeing the child's coffin sitting above ground all those years. We continued to shoot video and to record. Casey walked into the burial plot and over by a large tree within the plot. As Roseanne stood back filming and Tricia stood close by, Casey comments that the tree has grown through the fence and that she feels a definite cold spot. Tricia verifies the cold spot with her equipment. Casey then walks a distance away from Tricia and Roseanne and makes a comment which is inspired by her memories of the desecrated child's grave and coffin she saw so many years ago. She says, "I'm speaking to the spirits of the children who are here. I'm speaking to the spirits of the children whose graves were desecrated here."

Inaudible at the time but very clear and caught on the microphone of Roseanne's camcorder but not Casey's recorder was a very clear and spooky child's voice in direct response to Casey's verbal prompt. When we were reviewing the evidence later at Casey's home, we all nearly had heart failure as we heard the amazing piece of paranormal evidence we had collected. A child's voice breaks through and clearly utters, "The children left."

We continue to frequent this location to this day and have caught much subsequent evidence yet nothing to this date as clear and compelling as this spooky and seemingly intelligent response to Casey's question on that cold November evening in 2004.