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The Menacing Figure
By Casey Unger, MA, LPC
TFC Founder

The following story has been previously told by an ex-member of TFC but I was also there so here is my version....

In April of 2007, TFC ventured out to a very creepy cemetery known very well to myself. This place I have visited repeatedly over my years growing up in Robertson County. At this location I will note, there tends to be increased activity when there are exactly 3 people along for the ride. We have experienced knocking on the truck, strange dancing lights, shadow figures, and the list goes on. On this particular night I had 3 new members with me for a total of 4 and of course my trusty SUV, Ace. I had chosen this night to baptize the 3 other members by fire so to speak.

We 4 began heading down this creepy, God-forsaken road. God-forsaken is the best term to describe this desolate road. You really would have to be along for the ride to understand the value of this description. This is the kind of road that puts knots in your stomach. Of course, complicating matters is that fact that every vehicle I have ever taken out there over the years has tended to have bizarre electrical symptoms and failures. With this is my mind every time I venture out there, the tension mounts considerably.

I then perform my usual ritual of going all the way to the end of this dead-end road and then turning around to head back and drive slowly by the cemetery. For whatever reason, when one is heading back towards the cemetery there is a place of the road to the side of the cemetery where you can park that seems to be a hotspot for creepy occurrences. My goal was to stop there in the dirt road, kill the engine, and watch and listen for the usual creepy performance to start.

Suddenly as we headed back towards the stopping place in the road, a huge shadowy figure runs across the road and appears to jump over/go through the fence. This figure seemed to be over 6 feet tall and we were all taken aback. As we collected ourselves and drove further alongside the cemetery, one of the members exclaimed that she saw something yet again. What we saw chilled all of our blood.

There, once again, appeared the same menacing shadow figure that appeared to resemble a 6 + foot tall man and it was keeping an alarming and seemingly effortless pace with the truck!! Managing to keep my composure, I then stopped the vehicle and the figure then appeared to stop, mirroring us, and continued to stand there observing us.

One member frantically grabbed her camera and rolled down the rear window to snap a picture of this eerie sight. As she was poised with her arm out the window attempting to take a picture, we were all chilled to the bone by a growling sound that could be heard over the engine of my SUV. This is a notable occurrence in that I have a very loud exhaust system on my truck. This growl/moan or whatever you want to call it was reminiscent of the sounds that the zombies make in a George Romero movie. This made it all the more chilling to me.

I took off yet again and this figure once more mirrored us by running along the inside of the fence and perimeter of the cemetery. Again it kept pace with the vehicle. At this point I responded to frantic requests from the other members to pull the vehicle over in front of the cemetery so that I could pan my headlights across the cemetery to further inspect this occurrence. Upon doing this, we didnít see anything.

We then attempted to look at several factors in the area to try and debunk what we 4 had just seen (trees, tombstones, elaborate yet explainable shadows). As I sat with the truck positioned and engine running at the cemetery gates, we all attempted through our obvious shock and fear to rationally deduce the previous momentsí occurrences yet could not do so. At this point our plan to get out of the truck and research the matter was thwarted by a very ominous and sinister feeling that we were definitely not alone. It came over us all and we chose not to get out of the vehicle to investigate this site further.

To this day, we continue to have something bizarre happen just about every time we venture out to this remote location. As most cemeteries have a peaceful vibe about them, this one does not yet historical investigations of this area seem to reveal nothing tragic as having occurred in this particular locale. Who knows?? We will certainly continue to visit and research this creepy place and we will certainly never forget that infamous night in April of 2007.