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The Beast of Mount Vernon
By John Causey, Investigation Coordinator

The main area we (TFC) search for paranormal activity is in Robertson County, Texas. Over the years this county has gained the nickname of “Booger County” due to ghost tales, oddities, tall tales, and even, hold on to your seat, Bbigfoot sightings. The city of Calvert was a booming town in the late 1800's being the center of trade along the railways. It was the middle ground for trade between Houston, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, many other communities such as the ones in the Brazos Valley, San Antoino (and Mexico), and French Louisiana. Bryan, Texas was a named City in 1821 and in the 1800's Calvert was bigger than Houston or Dallas. Heading up a large mercantile store in Calvert was a rich dude D.A. Orviss. His gothic style burial vault is quite strange looking in the Old West and is talked about in my other ghost story entries.

People reported being attacked by Bigfoot in the 1970's and UFO’s were seen flying around. In a funeral home in Calvert was the mummified body of a dwarf who died in the 1800's and was put in a screened front coffin. He was on display to visitors and was even the Parade Marshall in a town parade once. In the area are ghost towns where people were happy and employed until the era of the rail went the way of the do-do. Since those days more odd things went on like a graveyard being bulldozed over for ranch land and roads and even the high school being built over unmarked graves. In one ghost town location only the graveyard remains. The folks who lived there chose to call their community “Mount Vernon”.

The county road leading along the side of this old cemetery is the object of study and not the cemetery. During the day you visit the site and find that no bad vibes creep up your spine. But...at night, the place really comes on strong. The first time there we all had just left two other study locations and found nothing. Audio was a bust because of the gusty winds causing trees to creak and leaves to shuffle. That and the bugs bellowing their nightly tune made EVP sessions silly to attempt.

Once we arrived at the Vernon location I rolled down the windows and the others with me who had been there prior asked if I was smoking crack. They each had experienced events there that made them want to lock the doors and keep the windows rolled up. I stepped out of the car against the advice of the others and noticed nothing strange. Then it hit me, dead quite, no bugs and no wind blowing. There is not enough trees to completely block the wind and what was with the bugs? Then the surrounding area seemed to close in a little. The air got thick, the darkness seemed to get darker, things seemed to be reacting to my presence. I felt that I was being watched from every angle. I walked back to the car and got in to get back my sense of being safe. I asked the others to tell me in their own words what they experienced.

Casey and two others had driven out to the site one night and then turned around and started to head back out of the area. As they passed the graveyard a figure over 6 ft tall started running along side of the car and they all panicked. The solid shadow kept up with the vehicle as they sped off but stopped once they reached the end of the graveyard fence. Several other members have also witnessed similar shadow figures.

The second time I went to this place I again got out and walked away from the vehicle. Again no noise, thick air, eyes watching, but this time a heard clearly hoofed footfalls in the cemetery (much like that of a horse). The cemetery has a chest-high fence around it and we searched the area finding no hoofed animal in the cemetery.

Then on a later date we sent up a Tri-field meter, digital audio, infra-red cameras, and other equipment at the site. This night we had just left the Orviss burial vault where we observed a shadow appear just feet away from us (see other entry). The night seemed to be very different that date. A storm was slowly moving up to the area and the air felt full of electricity. We stayed at the Mt Vernon site for a while with nothing happening. Then we started seeing red and blue flashes of light. They looked about the size from grapefruits to basketballs.

Moments passed and I pointed at Casey’s Nissan and asked if she noticed what appeared to be something tall standing by her driver’s side door. She spotted it also and we both got a little concerned being it was next to the fastest way out of the area. It appeared to be 6 to 7 ft tall and had long thin legs that stabbed down at the ground like a horse will do with its front two legs. I got the nerve and started walking towards it trying to see it better. It retreated (that was good) back down the dirt road away from the vehicle and myself. As always we just thought we were seeing things. We believed we were letting the darkness of the night and our imaginations run wild with the belief we saw these things.

I later listened to the digital audio and was frightened by what I heard. On the audio I heard the Tri-field sound right before and during every time we stated we had seen something odd. Then heavy breathing like that of an animal who just ran a race came onto the recording. The shuffle of its feet and even the stabbing down I witnessed with its legs was heard. This was not any kind of normal animal we witnessed that night. No animal I know is 7 ft high, 3 ft wide, and has a see though lower half of its body, but if there is such a thing I know where to find it! Booger County!