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The Falls Hotel 12-13-08
By John Causey, Investigation Coordinator

On December 13th 2008 TFC (with another team) investigated the Falls Hotel in Marlin, Texas. The people working there reported to us that they see shadows moving, a woman in period clothing walking down the stairs, and a "doll" in appearance apparition floating around the ballroom. One person who worked for the building and lived on the second floor carried a club around with him for protection against the structure’s "other" inhabits.

We arrived and Casey unlocked the first set of front double doors and cold air rushed out. She unlocked the second set of doors and a cold breeze steadily blew out. In an area about 20 ft by 30 ft the temperature was in the upper forties to low fifties. Everywhere else on the first floor it was some ten to twenty degrees higher. We found no vents by the front door to cause this temperature difference.

We set up cameras in the basement, first, and second floors and then broke up into teams with handheld video and started searching the hotel. While setting up the video camera in the basement I felt the sensation of being watched from the darkness in the area around the basement elevator access.

For hours nothing worth reporting occurred until after 10 PM. Then one member of our group had decided to wonder the floors alone like several others were doing at times. As he got to the middle of the length of the hallway of the sixth floor he reported that he felt two hands grab him and push him aside. He then felt the air being moved as this invisible presence passed. He reported that it was like someone in a hurry pushing their way past him but they didn't say "excuse me" as they did.

Immediately after it happened he called Casey on the radio and sounded out of breathe and his messages were broken up and very hard to understand. I was standing with Casey in the stairwell on 3 when he called. We couldn't understand what the problem was but we did hear him when he stated he would be in the stairwell waiting for us.

When we reach him he was sitting on the steps staring without blinking at the doorway to the sixth floor. He was pale and his hands were shaking as he explained what had just occurred. The three of us then searched the floor looking for the source of the incident and found no one or thing. I took a lot of pictures of the floor at this time and in only one picture was there an unknown image that could or could not be paranormal.

Later a member of our team and the two members of the other group were on the sixth doing some EVP's sessions. Our member was sitting alone in one of the rooms with a EMP detector (K-2 meter with 5 LED readout). While asking questions she asked if the spirit had committed suicide and then all the lights lit up. Some other questions sparked life in the meter but no visual verification noticed.

The night slipped into the midnight hour and while others were still investigating I decided to sit down in the ballroom and just hangout. From the stage where I was sitting I could see out through the all glass panel front wall out to the street. There a man sitting in his truck was on the phone and closely watching me. I figure he was on the phone with the police on the owner reporting strange folks in the ballroom.

As I glanced at him I noticed something move in the darkness of the corner of the room inside the building. I then got up and checked to see if one of the members of the group was trying to sneak up and scare me as a gag. While looking around the front room of the floor I heard footsteps across the ballroom's wooden floor. I ran back into the ballroom still hearing the footsteps that sounded like someone walking towards the stage and found one in he ballroom. While standing confused in the ballroom I started hearing steps across the floor sounding like someone walking out of the ballroom.

While there were personal experiences there, we could verify no ironclad evidence out of what we collected.