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Orviss Incident 7-18-09
By John Causey, Investigation Coordinator

I am a skeptic of the whole “Ghost in the Grave Yard” thing, and I watch “Ghost Hunters” with Grant and Jason for entertainment only. Knowing that I have to say it is my personal opinion that the location in Calvert, Texas where the burial vault of D.A. Orviss sits has paranormal activity.

On July 19th of 2009 members of TFC did a follow-up investigation of the “Orviss Site”. The group has been to this location on many occasions due to experiences and evidence compiled from this location. On this date all six members of the group that were present observed what appeared to be more than one object/presence moving through the trees and undergrowth.

While standing at a “hot spot” that TFC has designated as “Singleton Plot,” the group observed unknown shadows walking around the group and sometimes approaching the group within a meter’s distance. Singleton Plot is a small fenced in space with one unmarked, possibly child’s grave and a marker engraved with name, rank, and regiment (but no birth or death info) for John Singleton. Inside the fenced-in plot a common compass swings 20 to 30 degrees to the East off of magnetic North.

I was standing directly in front of the gate entering Singleton’s Plot and the other five TFC members were to the East (my left). Shortly after that we got positioned where we were all comfortable enough that we turned off all of our lights and allowed our eyes to adjust to the dark. Within 3 to 4 minutes after that I noticed what appeared to be my eyes playing tricks on me. I was “seeing” either one or two human black silhouettes approaching the group of five to my left. The “shadows” were coming from our North (the other end of the Singleton Plot) and slowing walking up to the group.

I informed the group and one member then stated that he saw what I was talking about. Group Founder Casey then addressed openly the area in front of her to see if it was simply someone walking up (like a police officer or game warden). She received no answer but the shadows stopped and then stepped back. I then heard in my left ear a breathy exhaled “Hi”. This caught me off guard and caused me to be startled and to exclaim out loud a curse word. Checking our audio later the exhale can be heard but only barely. I believed the source of this vocalization was close as it was loud in my ear. In that it was barely caught on digital audio, it confirms to me that it wasn’t some noise off in the distance.

Directly after this, Casey and TFC member Arin were addressing this presence and after Casey asked for it to repeat what it said, the phrase “It’s okay” was caught on my audio. The group then backed out of the “hot spot” and stepped into the fenced-in area around the burial vault of the Orviss family. At this location Casey and myself have on a previous date witnessed a shadow figure of a man form and then dissipate just inches from the iron fence that is around the vault. Also in this area, TFC has also gotten multiple EVP’s and witnessed flashes of light, rapid changes of temperature, and both equipment battery drain and equipment played with (turned off/on or switched functions).

On the 19th shortly after all had reached this area an object struck the fence with a loud “bong” that was audible to all and more shadows were observed. I placed a digital recorder on the same fence in the area it was struck and asked aloud for the presence to strike the fence again. The recorder soon after caught a EVP that is clearer than the conversation of members and sounds like it came from directly in front of the microphone which was pointed towards the trees outside the fence. The EVP is clearly the phrase “Hit it”.

It would have been nice if after that the presence being dared to “hit it” would have done just that. From all I have witnessed from the location I have to give it two thumbs up. The location is haunted.