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The Shadow Man
By John Causey, Investigation Coordinator

Because of some weird dreams I had been having of two locations that TFC had visited, I wanted to further check them out. So Casey and I went out a Sunday night in January 2009 to Orviss and another location. As soon as we walked up to the Orviss vault area we felt very odd like we were not very welcome.

Then as I was explaining my dream Casey noticed some movement in the woods in front of us. A shadow kept moving around in the trees without making any noise for several minutes. I then explained that in my dream a shadow walks up (audible foot falls) right up to the fence within feet of me and stares.

After about a half hour of investigating, we were behind the vault with the camera pointing into one of two clearings. In my dream the shadow walks up from one of these clearings so if this weird dream was a harbinger I wanted to be ready for that craziness to happen and get it on film.

Then we heard loud and clear someone walking through the leaves circling to our left. At this point Casey notices what looks a man cross a clearing in the woods some twenty to thirty feet away and tells me. He/she then walked back around to our front where the camera was pointing and stopped.

After a moment I hopped the fence and Casey and I went to see if it is just some dude trying to be funny. Where we clearly heard the footsteps in the leaves stop was another fenced in grave plot (the one that throws off a compass when you walk inside the fence). There we found no one.

After a short while we walked back to the Orviss Vault and started talking about the fact that it was probably someone trying to spook us. Then during the train horn blowing in the distance I heard again the footsteps in the leaves that would stop between the train's horn sounding. The person was walking in the leaves hiding his/her foot falls with the train horn. Again it moved to the clearing to our left and stopped. Then the train passed and everything was silent. I was listening for the foot falls in the leaves and thought I heard them come from directly in front of the camera. As I was watching that area I thought I saw in my peripheral vision to my left a black shape appear.

At that moment Casey sucked in a lung full of air and said some naughty words of surprise (you can imagine). I looked at her and she was looking to my left. I turned around and saw a black shape move away from the fence and vanish. Casey immediately doubted what she saw. She said she saw a dark figure of a large man standing at the fence (with a hat) and then he was gone. I did not chase after this time. We were both still shook up after it vanished and then we heard a few steps into the woods before going silent.