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Theories on Solar Activity, Earthquakes, and Paranormal Activity
By John Causey, Investigation Coordinator

I have been studying possibilities of what causes the hauntings that TFC has been experiencing ever since I first went out with the group. Furthermore, I have been looking at possible solar activity and its influence on paranormal events.

On November 8, 2008 I went out for the first time with TFC. On that night I saw what appeared to be a disembodied arm in the moonlight. On that night the solar flare activity was rated at A0, or no recordable solar flare activity. But leading up to the date was eight straight days of sunspot 1007 and seven days of recorded solar flare activity. So there was activity up and on the 7th and none recorded on the 8th. On Oct 30th, the last night before the sunspot 1007 was detected (and the night before Halloween) the solar wind was recorded as 666.2 km/sec. Spooky!

On February 1, 2009 Casey and I went to the Orviss vault and Mt Vernon cemetery road. While there we witnessed full body apparitions and large bursts of floating lights. On Jan. 27, 2009 there was a recorded sunspot with no recorded solar flare activity. Then no sunspots after that leading up to Feb. 1st and 2nd.

On April 25th we were at the old Fayette county jail in La Grange. There were no recordable sunspot or solar flares detected at that time. On April 21st and 22nd sunspot 1015 formed and no solar flare activity was recorded. Not much occurred this night.

October 17, 2009 we were interviewed by KPRC channel 2 out of Houston, TX. On Oct. 9 through Oct. 12 sunspot 1030 was detected with no solar flares recorded. On Oct. 14 to Oct. 16 sunspots 1029 and 1031 were detected with no solar flares recorded. On this night all manner of equipment failures and strangeness took place and we got a very compelling picture.

In summary, there seems to be a pattern of sunspots appearing with no solar flares activity or with sunspots and solar activity dropping off just before each paranormal event. I looked at some others that also match up.

You will see an article here that covers the possibilities of “paraquakes” or rather earthquakes and solar activity having a strong influence on haunting. It says that the moment of the earth in faults create large amounts of natural electricity. It talks about both residue and active haunting recorded at the areas near and before a quake.

So I looked into this idea and found east Texas is in the Gulf Margin Normal Faults area. I also found that in April of 1932 an earthquake struck the Mexia, Texas area. I then looked at a map of seismic activity between 1990 and 2006 and found where activity occurred during that span near Giddings, Texas. If you draw a line from Giddings to Mexia, it crosses almost through Calvert, TX. where we have encountered an unusually high concentration of paranormal activity. So, if you take the pattern of sunspot activity with no solar flares and the possible fault line then the “paraquake” idea may be something after all.

Plus I saw a new item in the article speaking of “earthquake lights” or big balls of white, blue, and sometimes other colored light/energy that hovers for seconds, or even minutes in the air. (You can find pictures of them on the web). This sounds a lot like what TFC encountered on the night of 2-1-09 on Mt Vernon road.

I have been looking for some kind of common thread linking the nights when TFC witnessed paranormal events and I have also been looking at the wrong things I think. I was looking at weather, temperature, elevation, moon phase, and everything. But now I may have found where the sun and its storms, which according to the article may affect earthquakes, may be the key to knowing when to hunt.

Here’s my own theory… Right after a solar flare has died to A0, or even better, when there is a sunspot with no solar flares recorded (A0) is when paranormal events occur and haunting activity is at it’s best. And furthermore, maybe Robertson County (our primary base of hunting) has more active faults than other counties. And I have a theory on that too.

In another article, geologists say that hundreds of quakes may be caused by the oil field production in the area, in particular the “fracking” activities, which is what I do and what lots of oilfield companies have done for years in the Fairfield area leading down past Franklin, TX. in Robertson county.

All of this started with me looking at what could possibly have happened in the 1800’s to cause so much ghost activity. If you think about it, a lot of ghost sightings seem to be centered in the mid-1880’s, and then some around 1920’s. Going hand in hand with this is the fact that the strongest solar flares were recorded in 1859, 1920, and 1961. The worst was the “Superstorm” in 1859 that lit the sky so bright that miners woke up and started their day thinking it was morning.

Telegraph lines sparked, telegraph paper caught fire, there was even reports of telegraphs working after the lines were cut. Could such a storm of electromagnetic energy have affected people’s souls? Could it have burned imprints of their essence into the earth? How many ghosts have been reported who were Spartans, Romans, or the like? BUT, how many have been reported from the middle to late 1800’s? If such a powerful storm struck it may have lasted until the next one in 1920. During this time spread is the hot spots for ghosts with Civil war, WW1, prisoners executed, etc. And if you look into other ghost reports, some cover the early 1960’s. That, however, is an ongoing project for me.