The Falls Hotel, Marlin, TX.

Marlin, Texas

This once elaborate multi-story structure sits mostly vacant in downtown Marlin, TX and is Conrad Hilton’s 8th hotel. The upper stories sit vacant today and there are a couple of shops and a restaurant on the lower floor. The elaborate main ballroom is still used for dances. Notice the Fallout Shelter marker above the historical marker pictured above at the entrance to the hotel. There is also a very creepy basement and now closed tunnels that used to link the hotel via underground to the once thriving mineral bath houses across the street. Pictured is the historical marker mentioning the once thriving mineral water industry of Marlin amd the last picture is an image showing the Falls Hotel on the right and on the left the imposing Marlin Sanitarium Bath House that once stood across the street and was linked to the Falls Hotel via underground passage.The historical marker is all that remains of the huge bath house structure that was once there.The final 2 pictures are vintage brochures advertising the famous mineral baths that once fueled Marlin’s economy back in its heyday.

Investigation Results: Lots of creepy feelings, members of our crew report having a radio change stations by itself and having the same radio inexplicably slide and fall off the stage in the ballroom. Reports from individuals indicate that caretakers who have had the task of staying on the upper floors repeatedly leave one after another citing noises, voices, apparitions, and all manner of paranormal activity as pestering them to the point of leaving. The most recent caretaker, a man from Mexico, was interviewed by our team and stated that he could not take it anymore and was going back to Mexico due to the paranormal unrest there. He eventually did leave. We have recorded EVP’s and have had one member pushed by an unseen force. The sheer size of the place makes investigating a daunting task and we have yet to have been able to adequately investigate this huge structure.