The Orviss Burial Vault, Calvert, TX.

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The picture on the left is of the famous Orviss vault circa late 1800’s. This location is well-known to Casey from her childhood and is the paranormal hotspot for our team. This vault, as relayed to us, was built in the 1800’s for big bucks and is the elaborate final resting place of D.A. and Louisa Bush Orviss. Orviss had been a Mississippi river boat captain in his day and also a wealthy landowner and owner of a dry goods store in Calvert, Texas. According to records we have seen, the Orvisses h

ad no children, yet two children’s coffins are inside the vault, one wooden, and the other an elaborate metal coffin. TFC has had multiple experiences and has collected many EVPs there. The middle picture is of the interior of the vault showing the desecration done by vandals over the years. And finally, the last picture is a close up of the Orviss name on the front of the vault.

Investigation Results: Numerous EVPs have been recorded at the Orviss vault, both in response to direct questions and in the midst of team members’ conversations. In addition, we have recorded many video anomolies as well as anomolous digital photos. Our clairaudient members have heard voices in both whispered and normal tone in direct response to our questions. This has continually been verified by concurrrently running audio recordings. Other members have seen shadows and shadow entities and have felt unseen touches. In light of the “children left” EVP, obviously in a childs voice, it

is felt by the team that a child’s spirit is there in limbo. To date, this is the hottest paranormal spot visited by us and something bizarre happens every time the team is there. You will see several EVP’s on our EVP page as well as video from there confirming voices that we have picked up. You will also see photos on our “Gallery” page from there and you will also find stories in our “Media” section that includes interviews by us from several diffferent sources addressing our many experiences at Orviss. We are continually approached by both curious individuals and the media for stories and information about this location. Orviss has become TFC’s pet project over the years and we seem to have made the place famous. To this day, we continue to use the Orviss vault to train new recruits and we go there regularly just to test the vibes all throughout the year. Give us a shout because we always love to talk about it.