Updates 12-21-2013

Okay people, here’s a long needed and awaited update. TFC has basically been sleeping for a while. This continues to be due to distance from each other coupled with everyone’s work schedules, health, finances, and the list goes on. We are still together. Just given all of the aforementioned, investigating has been put on the backburner. While Casey and a friend did go to New Orleans for Halloween, there was really no investigating going on this time.

We have only been out about one time and this was to a cemetery in Bastrop County on 10-5-13. Myself, Casey, and John Causey were there along with several of my co-workers from the mental health center. This night was VERY eventful. You may view a pictute posted to our TFC Paranormal Facebook page here.

The story behind this pic is as follows…..Casey and the team were out at the cemetery in Bastrop County on the night of 10-5-13. This cemetery will remain nameless due to reasons of privacy. As we stood talking together, Casey suddenly jumped and turned to the right as she had felt someone breathing in her right ear. When she turned and exclaimed to confront what she thought was one of the crew there there was no one there. John Causey had also glanced towards Casey and saw a figure beside her just as this had happened. At this same instant someone took a quick pic and this is what came up.

You see Casey in the edge of the shot looking the other direction behind her to try and see what was really going on. There is a fog/mist hovering over her that is very creepy. And…no one there was smoking. We also got what were thought to be EVP’s that we are still trying to master. In one clip you seem to hear someone singing, then a childish voice.

Anyway, just a quick update to let you guys know that we do still exist and that we are still doing investigations in the Brazos Valley area as well as Bastrop County and anywhere else we find it possible to go.

On an ending note, if anyone wants to join the group who has technical skills like editing and compiling audio and video files, I/we need you desperately bad!!