Updates 6-18-2011

Please notice that some interesting pics have been added under “Gallery.” They are of the Falls Hotel in Marlin, TX. We are still reviewing other evidence. Also under the “Gallery” you will see a few interesting pics taken of some unusual graves in the Calvert City Cemetery in Calvert, TX. on 5-21-11. There are also new pics posted on our Facebook and Myspace pages as well. There is also a long-overdue blurb under investigations detailing our October 2008 investigation of Spring Creek Park in Tomball, TX. We have also added a link to a website about this historic location in the blurb and also on the “Links” page.

Otherwise, now since everyone’s work schedules are meshing better and coupled with a great reunion on 6-11-11, TFC is revving up gain. We got a new super nighsot Sony and plan to start hunting like we used to.