Updates 9-28-2012

This is a bit behind but TFC had a great investigation at a Fayette County location on Saturday night, September 8th. We choose not to disclose where we were due to not wanting to publicize the location further due to vandalism that has occurred there and having to have special permission from the Sheriff’s Dept. to be there. Thanks to Randy especially at Fayette County and all of the other nice folks for your help and trust in us.

We got a very distinct moan on a recorder left on an old sign for a long gone school quite a distance from where we all were and there are many interesting photos still being analyzed of strange mists, a couple of them red hovering over us. There are many other things to report as this place was very creepy and has even been said to have spooked out some law enforcement.

Also, to any other teens who find themselves in one of our investigation areas while we are investigating, if curious, please stop and politely express interest and ask what we’re doing. Don’t ride around blowing your horn and polluting our evidence and playing little chicken s–t cat and mouse games with us. Have the courage and be mature about things because otherwise all you do is piss us off (all 10 of us as compared to you 3) and we in turn report you to the Sheriff’s Dept., license number and all!!

With that aside, our presentation on 7-28-12 at the Larry J. Ringer Library in College Station went great. We hope to do many more like it. Thanks to all of those who braved the heat and came out to see us.