Paranormal Videos

Note: As you listen to and watch these sound and video clips, remember our credo which states that we are not trying to convince any of you that there are ghosts. These sound bytes are merely here because we found them to be odd in that we were there and knew the circumstances at the time they were recorded. Listen to and watch them in the way we are presenting them which is OBJECTIVELY. We record many things but debunk 80-90% and very few clips actually make the cut. Concerning our view of paranormal activity, we have seen many bizarre things but the jury is still out. We continue to engage in scientific research that we hope one day will yield proof positive of our passion.

Also, please note that you may watch many more of our documentary-type videos on our youtube channel.

“The Children Left” (Orviss Vault November, 2004)

This is the video from which the audio version of “The Children Left” on the EVP page was extracted. You may see and hear the context of this event. To date it is the most compelling audio/video evidence of paranormal activity in TFC investigations. Notice in the video Casey is a considerable distance away, as is Trish. Only Roseanne, the videographer who took the video, is close enough to be suspect, and she is standing still at the moment the mysterious voice can be heard, practically ruling out any random scrapes of tree branches, leaves, etc.

“Lost??” (Orviss Vault December, 2007)

This is video from another visit to Orviss. Notice the strange utterance that sounds like a child saying, “lost” or something similar. What makes this so peculiar is the conversation that Casey is having about having a recurring dream about seeing a child’s circa 1880’s burial in that area but now seeing no stones to mark a possible gravesite. The voice seems to answer possibly indicating that the grave is now lost. It is also about that time that Jennifer remarks that she saw a dark shadow in that area right at the instant the voice occurred. No voice was heard audibly at the time.